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WELLSPORTS News:On the night of August 1, Zhengzhou, which was sultry after the rain,

was very unfriendly to the fans of the Central Plains. Hu Jinghangs injury-time goal was invalidated by the ruthless VAR, and the excellent game of the whistle was not performed.

In this game, the Jianye team actually outperformed the strong enemy Jiangsu Suning Tesco in terms of ball control rate, pass success rate, and number of shots. This data really made the Henan fans who did not get the score more depressed. Throughout the four games of the Central Plains Army after the World Cup, Zhang Wailong’s team is quietly “changing the law”, the proportion of the Central Plains defensive counterattack is declining, playing some fresh content, is this self-tactical improvement or abandon the counter-attack tradition?

At the beginning of this season, due to the fact that the actual situation of Henan Jianye was difficult to match with the coach Tarajiqis tactical thinking, the former Zhongyuan Iron Army was caught in a multi-round dilemma. Since the ninth round of the league, Zhang Wailong has taken over the command of the coach, the Koreans have reinvigorated the team with their fighting spirit and come up with their own defensive and sharp counterattack tactics to help achieve a two-win and one-level record for the World Cup offseason. The team’s personnel adjustment, physical reserves and tactics have laid a solid foundation.

After the re-opening of the Super League, from the past four games, Zhang Wailongs tactical improvement effect on the Jianye team is still good. In the author’s opinion, he only reduced the degree of dependence on counterattacks, and the choice of more time-critical measures pressed the attack and stabilized the counterattack. Under the premise of playing their own characteristics, the small negative in the AFC or even the title of Guoan and Suning, Ping traditional strong team Shenhua, victory over the relegation opponent Guizhou Hengfeng, the results are still acceptable. But while we noticed that the team is happy to change, we also need to pay attention to hidden dangers.

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