WWE’s Rusev maybe riding high on SmackDown as one of the blue brand’s most popular superstars, but he’s far from happy about his Real Madrid team this season.

The Bulgarian, a life-long fan of the Spanish giants, is like everyone else bemused to what has happened to Madrid this season. Zinedine Zidane’s team sit seventeen points behind leaders Barcelona in fourth place and Rusev believes it’s time for fresh names, although is putting the blame on the club’s star striker rather than their high profile manager.

“I think we need some fresh legs, because we’re getting stale. Everyone is blaming Zidane, but Zidane is amazing, he won so much in so little time but now people are pointing fingers at him. I really think we need a new striker; Karim Benzema needs to go now, or really like five years ago because he’s not doing his job. They could put me in that position and I’ll do exactly the same as he does, nothing! This summer we’ll probably let Zidane go, but they’ll be two or three new signings and then we’ll see.”

Putting league form aside, Real switch focus to their Champions League defense tonight in their first leg tie against PSG – a match that the Bulgarian Brute is far from confident about.

“I’m really nervous about this game! We did play really well on Saturday with the 5-2 win, which was a nice little warm-up game, but PSG are on a whole new level. We have the advantage of being at home, at the Bernabeu, so we have to make that count. We still have a chance to win the Champions League this season. Hala Madrid!”

In contrast to Madrid’s disappointing season, Rusev is enjoying a small renaissance on SmackDown where is ‘Rusev Day’ message has become of the most popular gimmicks in WWE. But if the 32 year-old could choose one Madrid star as a tag team partner, who would he trust in join him in the squared-circle?

“I would say Sergio Ramos. He’s always there when you need him, he scores goals in the ninety-seventh and half minute, he’s the captain and he’ll carry you through everything. He’s a tough guy too, so I’ll definitely have him as a partner.”

Ramos will no doubt have his hands full tonight up against former Barcelona nemesis Neymar and the rest of PSG’s all-star squad. But they’ll have the support of this WWE superstar, if he can find somewhere to watch it!

“On a Tuesday/Wednesday I usually grab my iPad and find a secret room where it’s quiet and I get to watch my game. Sheamus is sometimes there and I watch some games with him and back in the day I used to watch games with Wade Barrett because he’s a big Preston North End fan – whoever that team is – but usually it’s by myself. Every time I watch a big game like the Champions League final with my wife she knows to leave me alone with my emotions. Other than that it’s just me.”









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