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WELLSPORTS News July 13th, 2018 Russia World Cup finals continues,


The last two games of the 2018 Russia World Cup are the 3rd and 4th finals, Belgium vs England; and the championship battle France vs Croatia. In addition to the much-anticipated loyalty of the World Cup, another eye-catching award, the World Cup Golden Boot, will soon be revealed. The most likely candidates are the following two: Harry Kane and Lukaku.


First, let’s briefly explain the selection rules for Golden Boots: Players who score the most goals in this WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018. will receive Golden Boots. If the number of goals is the same, the number of assists will be compared first, and the number of assists will be ranked higher; The same is true, the comparison of the playing time, that is, the efficiency of the goal, with a lower time ranking.


Among the players who still have a chance to score on the current scorer’s list, Harry Kane (6 goals and 0 assists) and Lukaku (4 goals and 1 assists) are ranked in the top two, while France and Croatia are currently scoring the most goals. Lezman (3 goals and 1 assists), Mbape (3 goals and 0 assists) and Manjukic (2 goals and 1 assists), Pericic (2 goals and 1 assists), Modric (2 goals and 1 assists). On the other hand, since both sides of the World Cup finals are cautious and cautious, there will be no big scores. To catch up with Harry Kane’s current 6 goals, the French team’s Gretzman and Mbape have to score at least 3 goals. The Croatian team’s Manjukic, Pericic or Modric will have to score at least 4 goals. This high probability is impossible, so the match between France and Croatia should not affect the ownership of this Golden Boot.


Then the question is coming. Who will be the final winner of this World Cup Golden Boot? It depends on the results of the 3 or 4 finals. The direct dialogue between the two competitors will determine the ownership of the Golden Boots of this World Cup. For now, Harry Kane’s 6 goals take the initiative, and if Lukaku wants to get the Golden Boots, then he has to score at least 2 goals when Kane has no ball and no assists, so he can The advantage in the number of assists won the golden boots.

It is still possible to analyze the situation, because after all, Belgium is called “the Premier League team” and England is called the “British Premier League team”. There is some truth. Belgium is in the midfield, but there are several “masters of feeding cakes”. De Braun, Azar and Mertens can send shells to Lukaku, compared to Harry Kane, Lingard, Ali, In Henderson and Sterling, Henderson is the most likely to give him a cake. The other three have a high probability of having a cake to eat. Of course, Sterling may not have a good appetite. After all, the thousands of mountains are always in love, and the empty doors do not enter Sterling.


In addition, there is a set of interesting data. The biggest sponsor of this World Cup Golden Boot is not Adidas, but the optimistic big brother of Central America and Panama and the African friend Tunisia. The two teams sponsored Harry Kane 5 goals and Lukaku 4 goals. It is the biggest supplier of gold boots in this World Cup

So who do you support these two shooters? Please give him a compliment in the comments section!


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