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3 reasons why pogba dabbed at the man united munich ceremony


Man United Munich ceremony

February 6 was the 60th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster.

The Munich Air Disaster of 1958 is one of the greatest tragedies to ever occur in football, wiping out the majority of the Busby Babes with 23 of the 44 people on board that doomed plane passing away.

As always, Man United held a ceremony to mark the occasion.

Man United’s first team squad attended the event, as well as club icons including Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton.

Paul Pogba dabbing

A picture has gone viral on social media after the Man United Munich ceremony.

The picture shows Paul Pogba dabbing outside the Theatre of Dreams alongside Juan Mata.

Some Man United detractors have tried to paint Pogba out in a bad light for his dabbing.

Why Paul Pogba dabbed

It’s now become clear why Paul Pogba dabbed at the Munich ceremony.

A video has surfaced showing how Pogba was making a young kid’s day with his trademark move.

Pogba was reacting to a young Man United fan who is wheelchair bound.

It’s obvious that the French midfielder was doing something nice with his dab.



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