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WELLSPORTS News: So far, in this transfer window, Malcolm’s transfer is one of the most weird transfer operations.

The Brazilian winger was very close to joining Rome, but Barcelona finally took it with him at the last moment. Arrived at the Camp Nou. So what happened before and after this? The Daily Mail compiled all kinds of events around the transfer and presented them in a more intuitive way.

Previously, Malcolm had already set a flight to Rome. At the airport in Rome, there were even some fans waiting for it. The club also issued an official statement saying that the signing is about to be completed. But the 21-year-old winger eventually signed with Barcelona on Wednesday and will join the team’s US zipper tour. In this regard, the “Daily Mail” integrated the relevant information, showing the four years from the Barcelona side to observe him, to the timeline for their quick action to prevent them from joining Rome.

Barcelona completed the observation and analysis of Malcolm in Corinthians. They were close to signing the young teenager, but the club finally decided to allow other teams to risk signing in and then pay close attention to his development.

In the end, Malcolm and Bordeaux signed the contract two years later, but Barcelona has been paying close attention to him.

Barcelona has already regarded Chelsea’s William as their first choice in the transfer market, but they also have some alternatives. At the time, Barcelona was told that Rome was very close to signing Malcolm from Bordeaux, but they also had the opportunity to meet with Malcolm players in a downtown hotel.

The result of the conversation was positive, but William is still the first choice of Barcelona. The coach, Valverde, hopes to sign the Brazilian international after missing the team’s original goal, Gretzman.

Barcelona’s offer of £65 million for William was rejected by Chelsea. At that time, the transfer clause provided by Barcelona was a fixed transfer fee of 55 million pounds plus a floating transfer fee of 10 million pounds.

The two clubs in La Liga believe that Abramovich will allow big players to leave the team in this summer transfer window after seeing their team miss the Champions League. However, the newly appointed coach Surry hopes that the more experienced players in the team will be able to stay, and the Blues also have no concessions on the offer. The Barcelona side understood that they needed 70 million pounds to take William, so they turned their attention to Malcolm.

The Romans announced that they had reached an agreement with Bordeaux on the signing of Malcolm. According to the report of the World Sports Daily, the player’s annual salary is 2.5 million euros, while the transfer amount is a fixed transfer fee of 32 million euros plus a floating transfer fee of 4 million euros. The two clubs had reached a verbal agreement at the time, but did not sign the contract, Malcolm is still in France.

A private jet was arranged to pick up Malcolm from Bordeaux Airport to Rome at 8 pm and the expected arrival time was 10 pm. At that time, more than 100 Roman fans who welcomed him joined the airport, and Malcolm’s mother believed that he was coming to Rome and made a special trip to Italy. But Malcolm did not board the plane from start to finish.

Chelsea has no intention of lowering the offer, and its amount is always different from Barcelona’s psychological price to William, so the transfer seems to become more and more impractical. At the time, Barcelona had another card to play – seeking other goals and continuing to see if it would put Chelsea down on prices.

Barcelona’s sports director Abidal and Bordeaux chairman Stefan Martin called and said that Barcelona would offer a higher offer for the young star. As Bordeaux was open to competitive quotations, they called Malcolm’s agent to inform him of his trip to Rome. If such a strategy can shake Chelsea, then Barcelona will get William, and Rome will still get Malcolm. But Chelsea did not compromise.

A number of Malcolm player representatives rushed to Barcelona to discuss the details of the Malcolm transfer contract. Barcelona promised to give Malcolm No. 7 jersey, which changed the idea of ​​the young teenager – he now wants to join Barcelona instead of Rome. Regarding this No. 7 jersey, Barcelona originally hoped that the player who wore it was Gleizman. Some members of the Malcolm team stayed in Bordeaux to communicate with the club and also exchanged with the Rome sports director Monchi in a video conference.

Also according to the “World Sports News” news, a transfer operator who is very good at discovering talented players throughout Europe learned earlier this week that Everton and Tottenham will also be transferred to Malcolm. Offers a price higher than Rome. The competition with Barcelona made Mengqi feel that he was being maliciously raised. On Tuesday night, things that made him even more frightened were confirmed. Malcolm outside the Camp Nou stood in front of the Barcelona team’s emblem and both Barcelona and Bordeaux announced that the two clubs The transfer has been completed.

Before signing a formal contract with Barcelona, ​​Malcolm completed a medical examination and he will fly to Portland, USA, to meet with new teammates. And Monch’s mobile phones are all text messages about the transfer of Bordeaux and the player’s agent. The above content says that Malcolm’s transfer to Rome has been “completed.” But he knew that the two sides had not signed any contracts and he did not have any real legal evidence to sue Barcelona. The only thing he can do is to look for other candidates.

Monch told the fans in Rome that Bordeaux insisted on passing the news that the transfer had been completed on Monday night. The Romans reluctantly accepted such a request. Later in the night of Monday, they were told that Barcelona gave a higher offer. The club president of the Roman club Parrota said that the club had violated the wishes of Monch and gave a higher offer, but the Barcelona side immediately raised the price. The Roman side is reluctant to participate in this kind of auction-like bidding. They think that they are likely to lose such a “price war” and finally choose to quit.


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