WELLSPORTS News: Mkhitaryan said that he enjoys life and football style at Arsenal in Manchester United in Mourinho.

At the beginning of last season, Mkhitaryan once won the trust of Mourinho, he started in the first eight Premier League games, helped Manchester United score 20 points, but then he gradually fell out of favor,

in the battle against Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea, he They were replaced in an hour or so. After losing to Chelsea on November 5, Mkhitaryan only started for Manchester United in the Premier League. In January, he moved to the Arsenal with Sanchez.

Mkhitaryan said: “This is life, you have to prepare for everything. Of course, this is a difficult time for me, but I try to get through the difficulties. I don’t know, maybe something went wrong, or Some things are not the way I want, but this is life, this will continue.

Arsenal always plays offensive football, under Mourinho, the team plays a little differently, I will not criticize anyone, this It’s just a different idea. I can only say that I am enjoying myself more than I am at Manchester United.”

“The two teams have different ideas. The style of playing is different. The clubs are different. Everything is incomparable. Every aspect is different. I can’t compare. This is what I said. Everything here is completely different. Because it’s like a new page in your life.”

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