WELLSPORTS News: The World Cup has ended. The “Rashomon” incident, which was jointly performed by Real Madrid,


the Spanish national team and Hulun Lopegetji before the World Cup, has been replaced by more time-sensitive hotspots. The past one-month period is enough to calm down and calm down. As the international players return to the team and the international champions’ cups are approaching, Real Madrid officially entered the era of Lopeget. Tomorrow, Real Madrid will usher in the first show of the Lope Teji era. What kind of coach is he? Why does he attract both the Spanish national team and Real Madrid?

Florentino’s main local brand in the construction of the second phase of the Galaxy is not a secret. Lope Teji’s contribution to the new development is also well known, and it is impossible to shake the people of Pochettino, Loew and Klopp. In this case, the Spaniard with Real Madrid DNA is already the optimal solution in the alternative. Can become the admiration of the white new coach, Lope Teji want to thank the fortunes for their fortune, its own uniqueness helps him grasp the rare opportunity.

On August 28, 1966, Lopetji was born in Asteria Sus, Spain. In the era of the player, Lopeitji was born in the Royal Society Youth Training, and was awarded the invitation of Real Madrid B team by virtue of his stable performance in the B League. In 1989, the 23-year-old Lopetji was upgraded to the first team of Real Madrid as the third goalkeeper. Due to the high attendance and stability of the main goalkeeper Yergner, Lope Teji’s first-team career performance opportunity, 1989 The Madrid Derby in the /1990 season was his only experience of playing 90 minutes.

After a boring (0 appearance) 1990/91 season, Lope Teji joined the La Ligao Luogeo Nuo team in the summer of 1991 to seek more playing time. Lopetji reached the peak of his career in the Logroño, the call for the Spanish national team and the invitation from Barcelona. Regrettably, Lope Teji, who was introduced as a substitute goalkeeper by the Red and Blue Legion, had a low-level mistake in his debut on behalf of the new club. He lost the trust of then coach Cruyff and fell to the rank of The third goalkeeper.

In the three seasons played for Barcelona, ​​Lopezji only made five appearances in the league. He was an insignificant little character in that turbulent era. In the 1997/98 season, Lope Teji joined the Vallecano team. After playing for two seasons with the main force representing the Lightning Legion, Lope Teji entered the “early retirement” status from the 1999/00 season. Begin to study the UEFA coaching program and follow the Vallecano coaching staff to study the art of command and management.

In the summer of 2006, Lopeget returned to Real Madrid as an international scouting player. Two years later, Lopezji became the coach of Real Madrid team B. Lope Teji was fired in the summer of 2009 due to failure to lead the team to complete the upgrade mission. Just when the young marshal was lost, the Spanish Football Association, who had been paying attention to him for a long time, handed over the U19 national team’s coach to his hand.

Lope Teji showed an amazing ability to work in the position of the coach of the National Youth Team. When coaching Spain U19, Lope Teji led the team to win the 2012 European U19 Championship, De Gea, Cork, Isco Genius players such as Tiago, Munia and Morata have emerged. A year later, he led the original team to the European U21 Youth Championship. The bullfighter passed through the finals in that competition and scored a goal without losing a goal. He eventually defeated Italy 4-2. In the 11 official matches of Lope Teji as the coach, the Spanish U21 national team maintained a complete victory. The Lamasia gold generation is gradually declining, and the successful succession of “Luo Jiajun” has helped the Spanish national team to maintain a first-class standard.

(In this year’s 23-man roster, seven players have won the European Championship in 2013 with Spanish coach Lopeget. During the qualifiers, Lope Teji has also used Morata, including Members of the “Luo Jiajun” including Baltra, Moreno, Ilyamendi and Inegos.)

In the summer of 2014, Porto, known for its mass production and processing of semi-finished players, hired Lopetji as a first-team coach. The young marshal quickly relied on purchases and rentals to form a Spanish gang within the team that could resolutely implement its intentions. Despite failing to subvert Benfica’s hegemony in the following season, Porto has re-entered the Champions League quarter-finals after 11 years. The game at home 3-1 Lectra Bayern Munich is called Lopezji in the coaching club. The masterpiece of the period.

In the case of the loss of some of the main players and the return of many loaners, Porto lost its rhythm in the early 2015/16 season, and Lopeget was fired in the middle of the season. On July 21, 2016, Lope Teji replaced Bosque, who defeated France, as the new head coach of the Spanish national team. In the past two years, Lope Teji has vigorously carried out the “Luo Jiajun” to complete the matador’s new and old exchanges, while the team easily completed the World Cup qualifying mission, Spain created a victory in Italy and included The 20 official games of Argentina and Germany were unbeaten, and Lopezji’s reputation reached its peak.

On June 12, 2018, less than three days before the opening match of the Russian World Cup, Real Madrid announced that Lope Teji will be the Real Madrid coach after the World Cup, and the two sides signed for three years. In the player era, he played for Real Madrid’s first team. After retiring, he took over the coach of Real Madrid team B. Castilla. Now he returns to the coach of any line. The life track of Lope Teji and Zidane in the “Three Entering Palace” is quite good. To be similar, they are the leaders who own Real Madrid DNA, and they are all considered suitable by Florentino to implement the 2.0 version of the Zidane + Pavin policy.


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