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WELLSPORTS News Ozil, who is in the controversial vortex, is finally no longer silent. He used three long articles to counterattack on his personal social media.

This fierce statement not only unveiled the seemingly glorious side of German football, but also let The crisis triggered by him eventually turned into a disaster. From the naive Ozil to the amateur German Football Association, none of the two sides showed a correct and rational side, and the German football that had just experienced the shameful defeat of the World Cup had to face the painful result of losing all.


[The cause of the incident, the ins and outs of the Erdogan photo event]

Speaking of Ozil’s statement to withdraw from the German national team, the first thing to review is the Erdogan group photo that took place in May this year – don’t swear by Ozil and Turkish President Erdogan this time. The meeting and group photo, which had been artificially manipulated as a political focus as early as the initial planning, became the fuse of a series of follow-up reactions, and the resulting sensitive and negative effects are still fermenting today.

The event, which Ozil called “the charity and education activities” took place during Erdogan’s visit to the UK on May 14. At this time, Erdogan also met three players at the embassy in London – Özil, Gundogan and Tosson for Everton. It can be seen from the photos that the three players met with Erdogan. They each gave Erdogan a club jersey, and Jing Duo’s jersey even said: My President pays tribute!”

“Our photo does not have any political meaning, I am only the highest leader of the country that respects my family.” Although Özil is still trying to clarify, two German players and a Turkish player appear together to take a photo with the Turkish President. Even if these two German internationals are descendants of Turkey, it will inevitably lead to speculation. Perhaps from the perspective of Özil, there is no political intention to meet Erdogan, but Erdogan may not think so, and the outside interpretation is even more so. Therefore, the group photo became a chicken and duck talk, some people explained from the motives, some people derived from the results, and the dialogue between the two sides was not in one dimension.

More importantly, the time for this meeting is even more so sinister that it is impossible for the outside world not to generate additional interpretations.

Erdogan, the object of this meeting, is quite familiar to many readers. The political powerhouse who has been in power for more than 15 years in Turkish politics has been controversial within Europe because of the iron fist governance and suppression of dissidents. After the military coup in Turkey in June 2016, Erdogan took a large-scale clean-up in the country, and about 50,000 people were arrested. Among them, former Turkish star Hakan-Suk (the Korean and Japanese World Cup opened 11 seconds to break through South Korea) The team gate was also wanted for being accused, which made Erdogan a less popular role in Europe, including European football.

More importantly, many analysts pointed out that this photo is not the key, but this time node is very sensitive. Turkey is about to usher in the presidential election in June. Erdogan’s meeting obviously has a clear political purpose. It is to use German players of Turkish descent to make elections for themselves, in an attempt to attract votes from German domestic Turks. Therefore, the photos of Ozil, Gondoan and Erdogan were quickly used by their political parties and published on the official social media to promote Erdogan’s campaign, and the result was Eldo. There are countless summons in Germany.

Therefore, even though Özil has so far denied that the group photo has a political purpose, it is impossible for the outside world to ignore the political meaning given to it. The fact is that he is used by the political forces belonging to Erdogan and is free of charge. The controversial figure played a helping ad. Therefore, Zim Ack, chairman of the German Youth Federation, commented: “In the case of reason, no one wants Özil to deny his origin and origin, but he said that there is no political intention with Erdogan. This shows that he It’s too naive.” It’s worth adding that another Turkish-German player, Emre-Zhan, also received an invitation from Erdogan, but he subsequently refused the meeting.


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