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WELLSPORTS News: currently playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy,

said in an interview that if he chose basketball, he can now play with NBA star LeBron James, who just joined the Los Angeles Lakers.

After the Los Angeles Lakers officially announced that James joined the team, Ibrahimovic expressed his welcome to the NBA star on social accounts.

He put together a picture of his game on behalf of the Los Angeles Galaxy and a picture of James wearing a Lakers shirt,

accompanied by the words: “Now Los Angeles has a god and an emperor! Zhan Huang, Zlatan welcomes you!”

“I have tried a lot of ball games in the past. I am a phenomenal athlete,” Ibrahim said.

“So if I choose to play basketball, there is no doubt that I can play with LeBron (James). If they need me, I can help them.”

“I think he (James) is an incredible athlete, whether it is his achievements or the way he achieved his achievements. I think I am a bit like him. We are very tall,

but they move like a Ninja.”

“Of course I will watch him play, but I don’t know if he has any interest in football.”

When Ibrahimovic was asked if he knew that James had a small stake in Liverpool,

the star who played for Manchester United replied: “I know this, but he chose the wrong team.”

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