June 35th News, June 20th, 2018 Russia World Cup finals officially open war, 22 o’clock tonight live video host Uruguay against Russia. Both teams are promoted in pairs, and due to Russia’s 7 goal difference in the goal, as long as the game draws against Uruguay, it will be able to stabilize the team first, so this field is the first group of Group A battle. This game is also a goal-scoring battle. Both Juba and Chelyshev are very popular, while Suarez and Cavani are relatively sluggish. What kind of offensive game will the two shooters play? Is Su’s law renewed?




Two teams starting lineup prediction

Uruguay (3-5-2): 1 – Muslera; 4 – Barreira, 3 – Godin, 22 – Cáceres; 8 – Nantes, 26 – Besino, 14 – Torre La, 6-Bentancourt, 25-Laxolt; 9-Suarez, 21-Cavani

Russia (4-2-3-1): 1 – Akinfeev; 2 – Fernandes, 3 – Kutevov, 4 – Ignashevich, 18 – Zilkov; 8 – Yuri -Gasinski, 11-Zoubu Ning; 6-Cherischev, 19-Sammedov, 17-Golovin; 22-Juba

  Jobasheryshev VS Cavani Suarez

In the previous two games, the Russian team’s Juba and Cherishev had a harvest, the first 5-0 victory over Saudi, Cherishf scored twice, Kuba scored one goal, in Russia 3 -1 In Egypt, both Juba and Cherishf scored a goal. In this game, Russia against Uruguay, the two players who can achieve three consecutive games, this is a highlight of this game.

Uruguay, on the other hand, although they won the first two rounds of advancement, the overall performance is not satisfactory. In the two games, they all scored the most cost-effective 1-0 victory, sitting in Cavani and Suarez. In the case of the big super shooter, the two games with two goals were surprising. This time against Russia, Uruguay can enhance their attack power? Faced with two games in the group stage two goals into the Uruguay, Uruguay if you want to get the group’s first name, you must give a convincing performance.

  Can Suzun’s Law Continue?

In the match against Saudi Arabia, Suarez scored and helped Uruguay to win a 1-0 victory over Saudi Arabia. A rule was followed: Suarez broke the World Cup and Uruguay won. The previous three games were 2010 World Cup 1-0 victory over Mexico, 2-1 victory over South Korea (two goals), 2014 World Cup 2-1 victory over England (two goals), do not know whether the game Su Sui was able to capture the career World Cup 7 goals, while again helping Uruguay win.


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