News from June 30th to June 27th, the final round of the 2018 Russia World Cup group match ushered in the focus of the game, 22 o’clock this evening, the live broadcast of Germany against South Korea. This game is related to the defending champion’s qualifying, and the German coach Loew will usher in a life-and-death battle. Can this be a miraculous effect? Can Kross, who sent a lore for the last time, save the owner again?



Two teams starting list forecast

South Korea (4-4-2): 23 – Zhao Xianyou; 2 – Li Xin, 20 – Zhang Xianxiu, 19 – Jin Yingquan, 12 – Jin Minyou; 17 – Li Zaicheng, 8 – Zhu Shizhong, 13 – Zhi Zizhe, 18 – Wen Xuanmin; 11 – Huang Xican, 7-Sun Xingyi

Germany (4-2-3-1): 1- Neuer; 18-Kimich, 5-Hummels, 16-Lundig, 3-Hector; 8-Tony-Kroos, 21 -Kondoan; 13- Thomas Müller, 20-Butland, 11-Royce; 9-Werner


German decision game

In the third round of group matches, Group F was the only group with four teams that had hopes for a qualifying goal. Even though the second round of the 2-1 wins Sweden with 3 points, it does not mean that the Germans can sit back and relax against South Korea. Champions beat opponents with at least 2 goal difference to ensure that the team qualify, otherwise it is only 1 goal and a small victory may also be eliminated. As for the first group, it depends on the play of Mexicans. In the history of the past, Germany has not beaten South Korea by more than two goals. This is undoubtedly a major test for them.

  Lough life and death battle matrix?

Against Sweden, Royce started very well, but Draxler and Muller’s performance was quite general. The defense center Boateng applied for a red card to leave, and Rudy accidentally injured and left the game. The injury is not serious. In the final battle with South Korea, Loew must carefully consider the starting candidate. According to the “Photo” report, Humeres, who may have partnered to recover from injury, will serve as a centre-back, and two consecutive substitutes are shooting at the goal post. It is also quite expectable. On the striker, veteran Gomez came off the bench and made the German offense look a new look. He and Werner should use it, and Love will also consider this issue very cautiously.

  Germany’s close to 17 games, 15 wins and Cross became the key?

Since the European Cup lost to France in 2016, Germany has scored 15 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in 17 official games (non-friendliest matches). The only game lost is in the first round loss to Mexico. This time in the face of South Korea, the defending champion sworn victory promotion. In the last five World Cup games, Cross made 5 goals (3 goals + 2 assists). He also hoped that he could continue to help Germany survive the difficult times. In this game against South Korea, the German team naturally does not want to wreck a boat again.


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