March 5th Sports News July 2nd, 2018 Russia World Cup 1/8 final battle continued, tonight at 22 o’clock live video Brazil against Mexico. After Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo went out of the game, everyone’s eyes were transferred to Neymar. Will Neymar in this campaign repeat the mistakes of Mero? In this World Cup, Neymar’s first battle was not good, but in the subsequent games, not only scored, but also sent assists, and in the face of the old rival Mexico, Neymar state can continue to rise, once again scored?


Two teams starting lineup prediction

  Brazil (4-3-3): 1-Allison; 22-Fagner, 2-Tiago-Silva, 3-Miranda, 6-Felipe-Louis; 11-Coutinho, 5-Casemiro, 15-Paulinho; 10-Neymar, 9-Jesus, 19-William

  Mexico (4-2-3-1): 13-Ochoa; 21-Alvarez, 3-Salcedo, 2-Ayala, 23-Galardo; 16-Herella, 18 – Guardado; 7-La Cloud, 11-Carlos-Bella, 22-Lossano; 14- Hernandez

  Brazil vs Mexico Group Tournament

  Mexico beat Germany 1-0, Mexico 2-1 defeated South Korea, Mexico 0-3 lost to Sweden, and finally Mexico 2 wins and 1 loss, 6 points in the F group second;

  Brazil 1-1 draw with Switzerland, Brazil beat Costa Rica 2-0, Brazil beat Serbia 2-0, eventually Brazil 2 wins and 1 draw, 7 points ranked first in Group E.

  After five years, Male broke Mexico again?

  Among Neymar’s 56 national team goals, one knocked out the Mexican goal, which was the 2013 Confederations Cup group match. The Brazilian team defeated Mexico 2-0 with a goal from inside and below. In the group stage, Neymar, who was targeted by the opponent, only scored 1 goal, but he was the player with the most shots, the most shots, the most chances, the most successful one-on-one, and the most fouled players. I look forward to the world’s first price to really shine. Of course, in front of Neymar is the most amazing goalkeeper Ochoa on the World Cup.

  Neymar repeats Mero’s mistakes?

  After the first two matches of the 1/8 finals of this World Cup, the two major players in the world, Messi and C Ronaldo, were eliminated. As the recognized third king, Neymar’s ability to advance to the quarterfinals became the focus. In the group stage, the newly injured Neymar State is getting better and they are looking forward to working with Coutinho to help Brazil smoothly advance to the next round.

  Neymar played 19 goals (10 goals + 9 assists) in the last 18 games played in Brazil, while he played 88 times for Brazil, making an amazing 90 goals (56 goals + 34 times) Assist)) This kind of data is more of an expectation for Neymar. And can Mar in this game withstand the pressure and lead the Samba Army to advance to the quarterfinals?

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