News from June 30th to June 20th, the 2018 World Cup in Russia will start a full-scale war. The video will be broadcast live in Belgium to Tunisia at 20 o’clock tonight. The first battle relied on Mertens’s fairy ball and Lukaku scored twice, Belgium 3-0 victory over Panama. The face of the game in general Tunisia, whether Belgium can win the line in advance? Can Lukacu, who scored twice in the opening game, score another goal to break the predecessor’s record?



Two teams starting list forecast

Belgium (3-4-2-1): 1 – Coultois; 2 – Aldevillerde, 20 – Boyarta, 5 – Verthorns; 15 – Munier, 7 – De Bruyne , 6-Vitesl, 11-Carrasco; 14-Murtens, 10-Azaar; 9-Lucaku

Tunisia (4-3-3): 1 – Mustafa; 11 – Buron, 4 – Merial, 2 – Simam – Ben Youssef, 5 – Haddadi; 17 – Scotish, 9 – Bar Delhi, 13-Sasi; 8-Freddin-Benyuev, 23-Sri Dir, 10-Hazri

  Belgium winning streak ahead of schedule?

Recalling Belgium’s first game for Panama, in the first half of the game, although Belgium took the initiative on the field, it made no contribution, and Panama did not make a break. However, in the second half, Belgium’s offense began to erupt, and Mortens scored a defensive goal and De Bruyne assisted Lukaku to score. Lukaku then scored another point with his left foot. In the end, Belgium refused to upset and defeated Panama 3-0, making the World Cup a good start.

The European Red Devils are also ranked first in the team with the advantage of goal difference. If Belgium beats Tunisia again in this battle, the Belgian team may have a big line ahead of schedule. It will also lay a solid foundation for the first team to compete with England. In addition, since Belgium will face the strongest England in this group in the final round, Belgium naturally hopes to enlarge its lead as much as possible before, thus eventually becoming the team’s first group.

  Lukaku hits scoring record

In the history of the Belgian national team, in the European Cup and the World Cup, the most scored player was Sellemáns, who scored six goals. Lukaku has already scored five goals in the European Cup and the World Cup. If he scores again in this game, he will tie in or overtake Tserlem’s record. Of course, in the face of Tunisia, Lukaku also has the opportunity to complete such a feat. Of course, this record must also belong to Luccacu in the future. After all, this Belgian front-runner is still young.

In addition, Lukaku scored twice in the first round, and if he could break with Tunisia, he would be the fifth place after Anur, Selmans, Kraisson and Wilmots. The Belgian player who scored 3 goals in a single World Cup will, of course, have a chance to surpass 4 seniors.

  European Red Devils Reprise Terror Attack

In the current Belgium team, there are many players with superior offensive power, Lukaku, Mertens, Debraone, and Adjara. When the opponent sees this kind of formation, it is estimated that they have not played first. It’s awkward. In this game, what kind of performance will the Red Devils attackers make on the court, and how does Lukacu, who scored twice in the opening game, play offensively?


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