The May 5th Beijing time on May 17th, the Russian World Cup seeing is about to open, and on June 14 is the first battle the host opened the opening ceremony, and now the housing tension in Russia has increased linearly, so the British fans have to be nervous Fought for Russia’s neighbors in order to have a stable foothold.




The World Cup is about to open, and fans who travel to Russia to watch the World Cup have not yet found a suitable place to stay.

For security considerations ]

As everyone knows, there are many disputes between the fans of Russia and the United Kingdom, and there have been extremely nasty killings during various international events. Although the United Kingdom and Russia once united to prepare to suppress the aggressive fans who are trying to destroy. However, because of the special agent incident, the project was already estimated to have been lost in which secret environment it did not know. In any case, the difficulty of implementation was unprecedented.

The safety index of British football fans in Russia is very low. Even the England team plans to bring their own chefs and food to prepare themselves. Not to mention the fans drifting on the streets, perhaps because of the consideration of this issue. Some fans moved to Russia’s neighboring countries for accommodation

Rent increases skyrocketing

According to England fans, due to the excessively high hotel accommodation costs during the World Cup in Russia, at present, the hotel prices in Russia have already doubled before the start of the World Cup, and some even soared 50 times. Many fans in England who plan to go to Russia to adopt the “curve to save the country” and to host Russia’s neighbors during the World Cup, such as Latvia, Estonia and Poland are all relatively good choices. These fans plan to go to the race place in Russia on the day of the game to save money.

The Riga region of Latvia is a very popular place to stay. It takes only one hour to get to Moscow. The port city of Gdansk is an ideal place to watch the England and Belgium group matches. 3 hours.

The reason why English fans choose to live in these cities is simple. It is the lower price of accommodation and the less time spent on travel.

It is reported that during the hosting of the World Cup in Russia, it is expected that there will be at least 1.5 million foreign tourists visiting Russia. The Russian Federal Tourism Agency expects that these visitors will spend as much as 140 million euros during the World Cup. However, they also admitted that they were ashamed of soaring hotel prices.


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