News from June 30th to 20th, the 2018 World Cup in Russia was fully launched. The first round of the Group F was a war, and Sweden was against South Korea. The two teams once played in a friendly match in 2005, when the two sides shook hands 2-2. At present, Sweden’s FIFA ranks 24th, while South Korea ranks 57th in the world.



In the 20th minute, Marcus Berri Gate faced the semi-empty door in front, but Zhao Xianyou saved the ball with the help of God, and both teams did not make any offense in the first half. In the next flight, the VAR video assistant referee played a key role in this World Cup. Jin Yuyou overturned Sweden’s Krassen while stealing points. The referee watched the replay under the video referee’s reminder and penalized the penalty. This time, Granquins defrauded Zhao Xianyou and Sweden used this. Penalties 1-0 win over South Korea.


VAR video assistant referee key

In this World Cup, there are 13 VAR video assistant referees. The video referee team in each game consists of a video referee and 3 video assistant referee assistants. The 13-man team will play all 64 matches for the World Cup. Support. In addition, there are four back-defence commissioners and one FIFA supervisor in the IBC’s video assistant referee room to ensure the fairness and fairness of the game.

In the 63rd minute of the game, South Korea’s defender Kim Sung-woo defeated Swedish midfielder Clerson in the penalty zone. After the video referee’s reminder, referee Aquila sent a penalty kick. Swedish veteran Gran Vistwski swung to help the Swedish team 1-0 win over opponents and temporarily stayed first in the group stage.

  Two team lineup

Sweden (442): 1- Olsen; 2-Lustig, 18-Jansson, 4-Grangequist, 6-Augustinson; 17-Clarson, 7-Sebastian-La Nelson (79’13-Svenson), 8-Ekdal (71’15-Hlemarkk), 10-Forsberg; 20-Toiverin (76’22-Trin), 9- Marcus Bailey

South Korea (433): 23 – Zhao Xianyou; 2 – Li Xin, 20 – Zhang Xianxiu, 19 – Jin Yingquan, 6 – Park Zhuojun (28’12 – Jin Yuyou); 17 – Li Zaicheng, 16 – Mail Chengren, 13 – Zize (72’10’Li Shengyou); 11- Huang Xican, 9-Jin Xinyi (66’15- Zheng Yourong), 7-Sun Xingyi;


In the 17th minute, Granquist put the ball in the backcourt and Marcus Bailey made a footed back with his back. The line is very good! The captain of Sweden is ready to kick in the penalty zone! Kim Young-Koo is struggling to slide down. Scoop! Dismiss the ball. Key supplements!

In the 20th minute, Sweden missed the absolute opportunity! Agustin Matsuo’s sidewalk swept through the middle of the road, and there was a confusion in the penalty zone! Claessens made a subliminal kick! Marcus Berrimen’s front half-empty goal! Zhao Xianyou saved the ball! Bottom line!

In the 28th minute, Park Jong-soo injured his right thigh when a uninterrupted header was evacuated. He couldn’t hold the game and was replaced by Jin Yongyou. Then Sweden set the ball out, the first point of contention, Marcus – Berry once again get a good opportunity! Short shots of the restricted area of ​​the line was put in place by the defense of Kim Hyo-quan block out!

In the 34th minute, South Korea shook the ball in his own half and gave it to the right-hand side, Sun Sung-hyun, and the king of South Korea took off! After passing it directly to the three seconds behind him, Granquist really couldn’t catch up! Tottenham striker I have been rushed to the middle of the sweep to pass the middle of the line, but unfortunately by the Swedish defender!

In the 42nd minute, Forsberg’s midfielder picked a pass and the pick from Marcus Berry’s bottom line in the penalty area was passed back to the middle of the road! It was a pity that no Swedish teammates were on the court! Berri could sigh.

In the 52nd minute, the left-back defender Jin Qiyou assisted and scored a goal pass, and Zizezhe Zhong Road scored a goal kick in front of the goal! The ball hit the near side of the net!

In the 55th minute, Huang Xican was fouled by a winger. Forsberg opened the ball, and Granquist used his teammates to cover his head!! Or Zhao Xianyou! The position was very good. It was a very threatening attack. Go out!


In the 62nd minute, Zhang Xianxiu made a mistake in his side and after Sweden’s winger was rescued, Kim Yu-you overturned Sweden’s Krasson when he grabbed the second point! The referee did not penalize the penalty from the start and the Swedish team made a crazy complaint. At this time, the video-assistant referee gave the referee a reminder! The referee saw the replay on the end and decisively penalized the penalty! Granquist took the lead and fooled Zhao Xianyou, and it was easy! Sweden was 1-0 ahead!

In the first minute of the stoppage time, South Korea started a long-distance punching mode, after which Lee headed for the city to ferry to the middle of the road! In the middle, Huang Xican was unguarded! Opportunity! Heading the ball was even better!! Really disappointing!

Sweden eventually defeated South Korea 1-0 with captain Granquist’s penalty kick.


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