The last round of the 2018 Russian World Cup group match continued, Brazil played against the last opponent of Group E in the early morning of the 28th. After Serbia’s independence, there was only one confrontation with the Brazilian team. It was a warm-up match before the last World Cup. The Samba Army defeated Serbia 1-0 with the goal of the veteran Fred. At that time, the vast majority of the players in the two teams were selected for the World Cup 23-man list.


In the first two rounds of the group match, Brazil 1-1 was beaten by Switzerland, then defeated Costa Rica 2-0; Serbia beat Costa Rica 1-0, then 1-2 lost to Switzerland. This game is also related to the final qualifying position of the E group. In the 36th minute, Coutinho passed the ball in the middle, Paulinho high-speed forward, facing the attacking goalkeeper volley to pick the ball into the empty door, 1 to 0. In the 68th minute, Neymar corner assists Tiago Silva to expand the score and eventually Brazil beat Serbia 2-0. After the battle between Switzerland and Costa Rica 2-2, Brazil’s two wins and one draw were 7 points in the group’s first qualifying line, while Switzerland’s one win and two draws ranked second in the group and advanced to the top 16. In the 1/8 final, Brazil will play against Mexico, and Switzerland will compete with Sweden for the quarter-finals.

Team lineup

  Brazil (4231): 1-Allison; 22-Fagner, 2-Tiago-Silva, 3-Miranda, 12-Marcelo (10 minutes 6-Felipe-Louis); 5 – Cassemiro, 15-Paulinho (66 minutes 17-Fernandino); 19-William, 11-Coutinho (80 minutes 8- Augusto), 10-Neymar; 9- hotsus

  Serbia (4231): 1-Stojkovic; 2-Rukavina, 15-Milenkovich, 13-Villikovic, 11-Kolarov; 20-Milenko Vicki-Savage, 21-Matic; 10-Tadic, 22-Leaic (75 minutes 7-zhevkovic), 17-Kostić (82 minutes 18-Ladong Odd); 9-Mitrovich (89 minutes 19-Jovic)

  Game playback

  In the 2nd minute, Neymar took the ball into the restricted area, and the ball pulled across the defender in the horizontal direction. Kutnio, who was followed by the left, followed the volley and the ball was blocked by his teammate, Sussex. . In the 4th minute, the Brazilian team re-created the murderous machine, Coutinho crosses the side of the road, Neymar plugs in and catches the ball, and the hot side of the small restricted area is facing Stojkovic’s small angle. Coutinho followed up and was blocked.

  In the 9th minute, Marcelo suddenly suffered a wound and squatted to the side of the field and was replaced by Felipe-Louis in tears. In the 14th minute, Kostić stopped the ball in front of the chest and greeted the ball. The ball was blocked by the Brazilian defender.

  In the 25th minute, Neymar’s left rib broke into the restricted area and went straight to Jesús. The front of the hot stream of Sussex stopped the ball and the ball was blocked by the defender at the foot of Neymar. The ball was shot at a small angle and the ball was saved by the goalkeeper. . In the 29th minute, Neymar’s left side of the backcourt was exquisitely slanted, and Jesús single-handedly broke into the penalty area. After deducting Villikovic, his right foot shot low and the ball was blocked by Milenkovic.

In the 32nd minute, the Brazilian team made a quick attack and counterattack. Neymar made a breakthrough on the left side of the road and was smashed by Liaic to the sideline. Liaic got a yellow card. In the 34th minute, Tadic left the bottom of the rib and picked up the pass. The side of the volley near Mittelovich’s penalty spot was so high. In the 36th minute, the Brazilian team broke the deadlock, Coutinho sent a pick near the middle circle, Paulinho high-speed forward, facing the attacking goalkeeper volley to pick the ball into the empty door, 1 to 0.

  In the 47th minute, Felipe-Louis slammed the heel, and Neymar scored a goal from the right side of the penalty area. The ball was slightly above the threshold. In the first half of the game, the Samba Army led the ball.

  Easy side battle, in the 48th minute, Matić midfielder flying shovel Jesús, got a yellow card. Kolarov crosses the cross, Lyajic’s right foot is in the far corner of the ball, Miranda grabs the clearance before Allison. The Brazilian team used the opponent’s corner kick to launch the fast break. William headed the ball in the backcourt. Coutinho’s wonderful arc was slanted. Neymar’s left side broke into the penalty area. The low-level volley was blocked by the goalkeeper’s leg. The bottom line.

  In the 61st minute, Serbia almost equalized, Lukavina slanted to the right of the penalty area, Allison attacked the ball, and Mitrović followed the header and was blocked by Tiago Silva.

 In the 65th minute, Tadic broke the ball and Lukavina made a right pass. Mitrović scored a goal near the restricted area line and the ball was hit by Allison. In the 68th minute, the Brazilian team basically sealed the victory, Neymar left corner kick to the front point, Tiago Silva rounded the small restricted area, close to the top of the head to break the door, 2 to 0, this is the Silva country The team scored the 5th goal in 74 games.

  In the 71st minute, the Brazilian team once again used the corner kick to create a threat. William’s pass was blocked, and a cold shot from Felipe-Louis was saved by Stojkovic.

  In the 79th minute, Lukavina sent another pass, Matic scored a point near the penalty spot, followed by a half turn and volley, the ball is higher than the crossbar. In the 83rd minute, Brazil’s long pass launched an offensive. William stopped the ball on the front line of the right side of the line. Neymar’s point near the ball was shot above the threshold. In the 86th minute, Augusto picked up the front of the penalty area and was shot in front of Neymar by the defender. He faced Stojkovic on the edge of the small restricted area and volleyed his right foot. Out.

  After the match, Brazil won 2-0 to advance to the top 16 and will play against Mexico in the 1/8 final.

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