June 35th News June 17th, 2018 Russia World Cup is in full swing, and Iran meets Morocco to open the first match of Group B.

  Moroccos last win at the World Cup dates back to the third match of the 1986 group stage, when they defeated Portugal 3-1. Since then, they have been victorious in seven consecutive World Cups, and the record is 1 level and 6 losses. Irans last win in the World Cup also dates back to the 1998 World Cup group match when they defeated the United States 2-1. In the last seven World Cup matches, Iran lost 2 draws and 5 losses, and the 2014 World Cup was the bottom of the team with 1 draw and 2 losses. If counted in the final stage of the 2010 World Cup in South Korea, Japan and South Korea in the elimination and the victorious group stage, Asian teams in the World Cup has been victorious for 16 consecutive games, the last 7 games even lost all.



The two teams in this game each obtained an offensive opportunity, but all failed to return. In the 43rd minute, Messi Azmen of Iran won the single-handed opportunity, but the low shot was denied. At the last moment, both sides dunked, and in 95 minutes, Hajisafami took the free kick from the frontcourt, but the disqualification of Buháduzi’s header from Morocco came to a corner, and Iran also remembered the goal. -0 defeats Morocco, the World Cup first win in the past 20 years also ended the team’s record of seven games unbeaten in the World Cup, and also ended the Asian team’s 16-game victorious record in the end of the World Cup. Buhaduz, who scored on the Oolong ball, also sadly cried.


Two teams starting lineup

Morocco: 12-Kajovi Munir, 5- Benatia, 6-Setes, 2- Ashraf, 18-Amin-Ali (81’4-Da Costa), 10-Berham Tak, 14-Busufah, 8-Ahmeddy, 7-Zieheh, 16-Amrambat (76’21-Sofyan-Amlabart), 9-Kappi (76’20- Buhaduz);

Iran: 1 – Belemwand, 3 – Hajsaffi, 4 – Cesmi, 8 – Praliganj, 23 – Rezajan, 7 – Sujiae (67’17 – Tharimie) , 9-Ibrahim (79’15-Montazeri), 11-Amiri, 10-Ansari Fad, 18-Jaham Bahsh (85’14-Goundos), 20 – Azmont


After the start of the offensive in Morocco, only 1 minute of the start, Ali hit the door outside the restricted area of ​​his right foot outside the door slightly wide.

In the 8th minute, Morocco passed a long pass to the penalty zone. Cesme headed for a goal and Camby shot slightly wide.

In the 19th minute, Moroccan pass to the restricted area, Moroccan players continued to block shots, Benatia’s final foot shot was sealed by Bellan Vandermark bottom line.

In the 20th minute, Iran’s stealing ball hit a counterattack. Azmen Middle Road advanced the ball to Amiri on the left side of the penalty area. The latter seemed to pass on Benatia who was shot back.

In the 32nd minute, after the free kick from the outskirts of Iran to the restricted area, Azmund ferried the ball to the back point and plugged in the Cesme handball.

In the 35th minute, Iran received a free kick 35 meters away from the goal and the high-ranking boots Jahan Bakhsh directly hit the goal.

In the 43rd minute, Ibrahim scored a goal in the frontcourt. Azmen counterattacked and struck a wall against Amiri. Amiri sent a straight stopper. Azmen led the ball into the penalty zone and fell into the penalty zone to face the goalkeeper. Blocked, Jahanbahshes was blocked by follow-up shots.

After the start of the second half, the physical fitness of both sides began to decline, and the offensive and defensive rhythm slowed down.

In the 67th minute, Shujae was replaced, Hajisafi put on the captain’s armband, and Taremi came off the bench.

In the 80th minute, Berhamanda of Morocco flew a header and volleyed his left foot near the penalty line. Bellan Wande knocked the ball out.

In the 85th minute, Jahan Bachsh’s cramps were replaced.

In the 95th minute, Hajisafi left the free kick before the left sideline of the frontcourt to the front point. Buhaduzi played off the bench under the pressure of Tharimi. The result became a goal and the ball was cleared. After rubbing the left side column into the goal corner, Iran eventually made a 1-0 chance.


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