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March 22, Beijing time Nemar has suffered ankle injuries for some time and has been recovering from injuries in his hometown. However, it was reported that at her sister’s birthday party he still wandered in the clubhouse that was full of freedom, and even came up with a one-legged dance, which was simply not enough. All this seems to be the face of the prophecy of the Brazilian shaman.


As early as last December, the famous Brazilian shaman Carinhos – Vidalt had predicted that Neymar would miss the World Cup Football Championship (Soccer Gear) due to injury, but Brazil is still able to reach the semi-finals in this World Cup. At the beginning, everyone thought that it was the keyboard man who was eye-catching. Until February of this year, Neymar really suffered an ankle injury and returned home after a game in Marseille. This makes one wonder why Brazilians really miss the 2018 World Cup?


It is reported that during the 2014 World Cup, Vidalt predicted that Brazil was eliminated in Germany. As a result, Brazil lost to Germany in 1:7 in the semi-finals. Now think about it, this guy is a little bit predictable. Especially after Nemar was injured near the World Cup, it was estimated that someone would have to send a service letter.


However, in recent days, the fragment of one-legged dance that was less popular in his sister’s birthday party seems to be hitting the Brazilian power. See if this is a recovery level. Are you wrong? Of course, after all, if you can’t catch up with the 2018 World Cup Football Championship, it will only be known later. We will still wait and see.


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