News from June 5th, the 2018 World Cup in Russia was fully launched. In the first match of Group D, Iceland scored a strong 1-1 draw against Argentina, and the subsequent match between Croatia and Nigeria also became a key battle for Group D.



The campaign’s European team Croatia and Africa’s eagles have not had an experience with the senior team. From the world rankings and the comparison of the paper strength of the two teams, the lattice legions should have an advantage.

In the first half of the match, Manjukic scored a header from inside the penalty area and flew into the goal with Nigerian player Atebo. Croatia led by 1-0. In the second half, Modrich scored a penalty. At the end of the match, Croatia beat Nigeria 2-0 and currently ranks first in Group D with 3 points.

Two team lineup

Croatian starting: 23 – Susacchi / 3 – Strinich, 21 – Vida, 6 – Lovren, 2 – Fossarico/10 – Modric, 7 – Rakitic/4- Perissic, 9-Kalalić (60 minutes 11 – Brozovic), 18 – Rebich (78 minutes 8-Kovačic) / 17-Manjukic (85 minutes 20 – Piatca)

Nigeria’s starting: 23-Uzoho/12-Serhu, 5-Nkun, 6-Balogon, 2-Edo-U/8-Etebo, 4-Endi-D/10-Mikeer, 18 – Iwobi (62 Minutes 7-Mussa), 11-Moses / 9-I’Hallo (76 points 14-Iginajo)

  Goal playback

In the 32nd minute, Croatia got the right corner kick, Modric took the penalty and was sent to the penalty zone. Raybich headed for a ferry and the middle of the penalty zone, Manjukkizi headed the ball and the ball hit the Nigerian player Atebo. Goal, Croatia 1-0 Nigeria.

In the 69th minute, Nigerian player Nkun hugged Manjukic with both hands and knocked him down. Croatia was given a penalty kick. Modric took the kick and scored with his right foot in the lower left corner. Croatia was 2-0.

Since then, the two teams have made substitutions adjustments, but no goals have been scored. Eventually Croatia made a 2-0 victory over Nigeria and currently ranks first in Group D with three points.


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