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Cheap Xanax Overnight Delivery In this World Cup, Jilu has no revenue, and it is questioned why Deshang will continue to use Jilu instead of other faster players. We will start now:

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Buy Alprazolam Europe French counterattack

France is a team that relies heavily on counterattacks. For teams that fight back, it needs a fast forward, isn’t it? We all know that Giroud is not the fastest, so why does Deschamps prefer Giroud instead of the faster Dembele?


Buy Xanax India Online Figure 1 – Jilu Ball

France’s defense is very deep. When they win the ball, most of the time they will try to find Giroud directly from the backcourt. For a team that is good at counterattack, they need a person to hold in front. The ball, so that teammates quickly join the offensive sequence, this is the role played during the entire World Cup.

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Cheap Alprazolam 2Mg Where is the space?

We know that when counterattacking, the available space is either behind the line of defense or in the midfield.

Brand Xanax Online We look at a French counterattack scene. Now that Giroud receives the pass from the backcourt, he has the opportunity to hit the door directly, but this situation is expected by the defenders. If there is no crushing strength, it is difficult. Break through the defensive players. If you move on, you may waste an opportunity and the efficiency will be very low.  

Buying Xanax Online Legally Figure 2 – Space in front of Jilu

Let’s take a look at the tactical chart below. When the counterattack is on the French team’s position, Giroud is at the forefront and Gretzman is behind him. Giroud’s job requirement is to hold the ball in the middle and front field, which is the most common play in the entire World Cup in France. Buy Alprazolam Online Cheap Figure 3 – Location in France

The following French tempted Croatia to attack the attack and was quickly seized by France to fight back. The Croatian backcourt immediately retraced and defended Giroud, so that we can see that the midfield area is empty, and Gretzmann Just ambush in this space. Figure 4 – Giroud creates space behind the body

Giroud took the ball and forced the defender to return to defense. At this time, he not only created space for Gleizman behind him, but also created a huge space for Matuiydi, who was assisted at the far end. Figure 5 – Giroud creates space in the middle Apparently this was a pre-match tactical deployment. Giroud did not slam the ball and continued to attack. Instead, he returned the ball to Griezmann. We can see that Gleizman now has enough time and space to shoot or pass to the far. Matuiydi plugged in.

Steroids Xanax Buy Figure 6 – Giroud creates space on the left In this way, Giroud accomplished his mission with great enthusiasm, provided the fulcrum to connect the team in the frontcourt, and created time and space for Griezmann and Mbabe. Imagine if Mbape or Dembele is at the top, the opponent’s defensive players will put them down for the first time, and the players behind it will be difficult to press on the offensive in time, and Giroud’s physical advantage can make him In the middle and frontcourt, the ball is protected and the teammates are pressed to provide time. Therefore, Giroud’s mission is not to score, but to create opportunities for teammates. His tactical execution in this World Cup is very strong, which is why Deshang will always put him on the starting lineup. Today’s content is here, more exciting football teaching, please continue to pay attention to the football road! For more Sportsbook and LiveScore entertainment on wellsports visit the number 1 sports book channel WELLBET and for the english version WELLBET EN

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