WELLSPORTS New:French striker Mbape recently accepted an interview with “French Football”. 

This young man who shines in the Russian World Cup tells the story.

“From the beginning, I believe that we can go to the end. I even said this before the start of the competition. Some people regard this as self-confidence, but this is self-confidence… I came for the championship, and finally I also Take it with you… I plan to win.”

“The Team” disclosed that he had a back injury before the semi-final, and Mbabe said: “In fact, the most important thing is not to let our opponents know, because they can attack the injured place. So the coaching staff and the players have concealed this situation, even in the finals.”

Mbape also revealed the French President Mark Longs request to him after winning the championship: He even said that I should go to Marseille one day to play. I told him that this could not be achieved!

Mbape also talked about his relationship with Deschamps: “We are all neighbors in the whole competition. We are separated by five meters, so I have to take the initiative. I have the opportunity to participate in all competitions… but He knows he can beat me, I am well tolerated.”

Mbape said that after each game, he can receive information from Neymar: “In our cooperation and coexistence, there is nothing big to change us. We understand clearly.”

Mbape listed the list of players he thought might win the Golden Globe Award this year: Ronaldo, Modric, Varane, Neymar. However, he added: “In order to complete the list, I think I can put myself on.” Last year Mbape ranked seventh in the final list.

Mbape also revealed that Paris President Nasser had asked him for his opinion at the transfer: “It is true that he asked me, and I told him again that Kanter would be very helpful to our team. I am at the World Cup. And Kanter said, but not too much, because I know how people feel about brainwashing when you transfer the window… Finally I put a small note in his pocket, and when he returns home, he will find it. Can communicate the information well.”

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