The World Cup Three Lions are in the 23-man roster.


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Liverpool midfielders such as Larana, Wilshire, Gary Cahill and Smolin could not guarantee 2018 if they could not guarantee their own physical problems.

At this time, it is already very close to the 2018 World Cup. However, the Three Lions Corps is in crisis. There is no good general in the army. It is no wonder that Belgium will feel that the Three Lions are like toothless lions. They are not enough for the 2018 World Cup.

Lallana Lallana played only 12 times this season. Last week, he was unable to participate in the training of the national team, and he played for the national team for the last time, or a nine-month friendly against France. Before the start of the season,

Lallana’s thighs were hurt and the groin had problems. Southgate has reiterated that he will not bring players who have not yet recovered to the World Cup. Southgate believes that taking Wilshere is also risky, because the latter is injured before the game with the Dutch team. At the same time, Gary Cahill and Smolin are currently unlikely to participate in the World Cup.

In addition, there are other marksmen like Kane. If they can’t get to the World Cup, then the 2018 Lions Corps will indeed be going through the court.

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