April 3rd If you ask who will be the biggest dark horse in the 2018 World Cup, I believe everyone will look to Iceland, a small country with a population of only 330,000. However, it is such a country that they not only entered the European Cup final but also reached the 2018 World Cup.

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On October 10, 2017, the Icelandic team beat the Kosovo team 2-0 in a snowstorm and became another European team to qualify for the World Cup. It is no accident that Iceland was among the World Cup events. As early as the European Championships in 2016, Iceland made a big splash. The Netherlands and home and away also broke into the European Cup finals.


The biggest dark horse of the 2018 World Cup has become synonymous with Iceland. In the 2018 World Cup World Cup preliminaries, this team once again won the team’s second successful World Cup ticket, and this small country with a population of only 330,000 has its own name for the first time. Into the history of the World Cup. Within a few years, the troops have risen rapidly. Following the European Cup quarter-finals in 2016, the Icelandic men’s football team once again created a miracle.


Rong. The team of this mysterious teacher is worth only 53 million pounds. It is not only the value of Iceland football that people are amazed at. It is that many members of the Icelandic team are not professional players, directors, dentists, masters, and so on. A group of people created a great miracle in world football. In the interview with the reporter, the famous team forward Gudjohnsen said: “We came to the Russia World Cup. We represent Iceland’s population of 330,000. We must prove for our country that we are not the creators of miracles. We are the changeers of history. “. In the Russian World Cup in 2018, the Icelandic men’s soccer team will once again perform as a wolf-grilled celebration


The biggest black horse of the 2018 World Cup, Iceland, is creating its miracle. Let us wait and see.


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