In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Argentina was criticized for the beginning of the defense.

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However, they were able to win the finals. The recent England also gives people the feeling of Nana, but who can say that they will not become another “Argentina”?

In the previous round, England defeated the Netherlands 1-0. After the match, the Belgian media criticized the England team’s lackluster performance and said that England is now a toothless lion.

In this World Cup in Russia, England and Belgium were all assigned to the G rent, and Panama and Tunisia were also in the same group. “Belgium Standards” believes that Belgium does not have to worry about England at all in the World Cup. “Despite Stirling’s activeness, they have absolutely no threats in the first half.” It was true that Kane and Aridili were away. England’s lion had no strong front. It is no wonder that Belgium would say so. After all, England has always scored near the end of the match. But from another perspective, they did not lose the game. At least this lion still has strong defense capabilities.

Besides, in the past, when Argentina was not considered promising in the 2014 World Cup, will the next-home killer come out and finally reach the finals? Who can confirm that England cannot be such an Argentine? Sometimes football is also metaphysical. This can be explained by the fact that England’s recent killings before the game are often used.


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