April 12th: Barcelona has been eliminated in the UEFA Champions League against Roma in recent days. Barcelona fans are eager to learn on the spot, but it seems to be a good thing for Argentine media.


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As the saying goes, Momo built his own happiness on the pain of others. Why did the Argentine media do this? Barcelona’s disgrace left Messi with sadness, but Argentina’s media could not feel it. They think that this is a good thing for Messi and the Argentine national team, which will allow Messi to get more rest before the World Cup. Since it is impossible to qualify for the finals, Barcelona players can rest after the league is over to prepare for the World Cup. The media in Argentina believes that this is a good thing for Messi in this respect.


“The exhausted Messi did not help the team to change the situation in Barcelona’s historic exit. Although he would not be able to reach the Champions League final, he would be disappointed, but when he comes to Russia, he will be in better health.” No way, who called Argentine Messi dependence so great. Even the coach San Baoli copied a set of Barcelona system for him, and he was prepared to let the coal boss feel comfortable and supernormal when playing the 2018 World Cup.


In addition, it was reported that Messi had problems with the thigh muscles during the last national team match day, which caused him to miss two warm-up matches. The Argentine media apparently cares more about this issue: “The most important thing is to ensure that Messi can get from the muscles. He recovered from the injury.” The National Newspaper stated: “Before the World Cup, this would ease his burden. Many of the club’s successes were brought about by Messi, and he was also responsible in the moment of disappointment.” At the same time, they also reassure Argentine fans: “San Pauli will not worry because he believes that the competitive gene in Messi will allow him to avoid the deterioration of the injury affecting the World Cup. Messi is very eager for the World Cup in Russia, which will not be affected by an unexpected exit.”It seems that Messi is freed from the UEFA Champions League and Barcelona’s elimination is a joy that most Argentine media are happy to see. Perhaps it is also what Argentina most expected before the 2018 World Cup.

Messi saves his strength and Argentina sees you!


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