April 4th After rounds of competitions, the 2018 World Cup successfully scored 32 strong teams. The next step was to see which teams were able to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. For the 2018 FIFA World Cup 16, individuals feel that Iceland may still qualify.


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The following is a personal prediction of the top 20 list of the 2018 World Cup:

A:   Uruguay vs  Russia.

B: Spain vs  Portugal.

C:  France vs Denmark.

D:   Iceland vs  Argentina.

E: Brazil vs Switzerland.

F: Germany vs  Sweden.

G:  England vs  Belgium.

H:  Poland vs  Senegal.


Maybe some fans would like to ask, then Japan and South Korea, it is true that the two teams in Asia may also be able to beat the wind, but in the World Cup, really can not. If we look at the final ranking of the 2014 World Cup 32, we know that both Japan and South Korea have been pushed out of 20.

And Iceland is a good team. From a team that was struck by the Dutch to the successful counterattack in 2016 and reached the European Cup finals, its changes are increasing. It is obvious to all. It is amazing. Now that Iceland has successfully reached the 2018 World Cup 32, entering the 2018 FIFA World Cup 16 should not be a difficult task.


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