On May 23, Beijing time, China’s men’s soccer team should be countered by discrimination in the United States. This was exemplified by examples of their mistakes. However, there was a sudden lack of truth and the Chinese men’s soccer team did not play very well. However, if we say blindly support for Korea and Japan, we believe that many Chinese fans will still be very happy.




The famous American sports media “FOX SPORTS ASIA” today issued an article titled “Asian fans should support Japan and South Korea at the World Cup”. The article is full of all this discriminating against the Chinese men’s football, saying that the Chinese men’s soccer team will only invite the world’s marshals and do not pay attention to the mainland.

There is no lack of remarks that have an intersection with this, after all, the Chinese men’s soccer team does play with complacency. A Norwegian national has also disclosed that he had refused to send a million euros annual invitation to receive the 800,000 euros awarded by FIFA. The reason is that he believes that China’s men’s football is famous for its wealth.

Indeed, the current status of China’s men’s football is:

A: The special treatment is very good, all kinds of fat, small belly capsule have;

Two: A loss on the crash, poor durability;

This is a very terrible two points. China’s men’s football has given too much treatment. Money has come too easily, the desire to chase has been weak, and the state of desire and desire has become a luxury. Exercise is the kind of thing is more than a house, do not joke the strength is generally like who is serious with you.

Take a look at the Chinese Cup of China’s men’s football is being abused, it is said that they still want to have 1 million appearance fees? Oh oh.

There was an insider who once had the second question, “a loss is a crash, and the durability is poor” has been a strange move. It is suggested that when the team goes out, the group will be able to accompany the player and become a hero. But is this advice really good?

To solve the problem of “losing the ball with a lose, poor durability” is not it necessary to go from the basic training? Physical fitness can not keep up with practicing physical fitness, to pull together with the soldiers to train hard for a period of time to see who will have small belly sac, to see who is still weak qi deficiency?

The American media advocates that Asian fans should support South Korea and Japan. The slogan is what they call. We do not want to listen to it. Whoever you want to support is supported, but one thing you can’t forget is where is the Chinese men’s soccer team? Why today they would not advocate for supporting the Chinese men’s football team and advocate for that?

The mouth grows on others and follows them. However, it must be changed from its roots.

What is China’s men’s soccer team? Face is to earn on their own, refuel it, if necessary, it is sent to the military training every other.


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