On May 18th, Beijing time, news of Benzema and French coach Deschampen came to a dissension. There was no Benzema among the 23 people in this France and Russia World Cup. This result seems to have been expected. Things in the middle




In the French official Deschamps officially announced the 23rd World Cup, Jilu, Grizman, Mbape, and others led the attack line, Canter (Chelsea), Matuidi (Ewing), Pogba (Manchester United) ) Sitting in the midfield, Real Madrid center Benzema missed the World Cup roster.

After this news came out, Benzema personally was not surprised.

Benzema responded to this decision of Duchamp through social networks. At the time, Benzema was in the gym. The Frenchman smiled and said: “At the same time…”

This is not the first time that Benzema has responded to his own inconsistency with the coach of the national team, Deschamps.

In fact, as early as the French and Russian World Cup qualifiers, Benzema has not entered the eyes of Deschamps, the coach said that the interests of the team above all else. It’s very vague. In contrast, Benzema said in a nutshell: “As long as Deschamps is still a French coach, I will not be called.”

According to the French “Team” reported that Real Madrid forward Benzema in the recording of a personal documentary, said that as long as Deschine still served as the French national team coach, he would be difficult to enter the national team.


Karim Benzema was born on December 19, 1987 in Lyon, France. French footballer, a field forward, played for Real Madrid Real Madrid.

For the national team, in 2004, Benzema led the French National Youth Team to win the U17 European Youth Championship. In 2014, Benzema led France to the quarterfinals at the World Cup in Brazil. On September 20, 2017, it was selected as the 2017 World Team All-Star candidate.


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