March 5th, Beijing time On May 7th, Argentina, Aguero Argentino suffered a knee injury in March, but he has been treated conservatively for the UEFA Champions League, especially to the Manchester United Premier League event in April. serious. Although he later had surgery, whether he could set up the 2018 World Cup for Argentina would be a mystery.



 Injury in March implied that surgery could not be performed until May. Argentine Aguero had to be given a knee to the team. Fortunately, for the sake of the 2018 World Cup, he has undergone surgery, but according to the head of the National Team Medical Department, Aguero’s injury is unlikely to be 100% good before the World Cup, and even playing may be a problem.

  “I don’t think Aguero will be able to recover 100% at the World Cup. This kind of injury is definitely not recoverable in 3-4 weeks. Because his injuries are very serious, he is recovering much slower than expected after undergoing surgery.” The head of the national team medical team, D’Agostino, accepted radio from Argentina, saying that Agueros injury recovery situation is still very serious.

Because Aguero did not receive treatment immediately after he had discovered a knee injury, in the end of March, Aguero against Manchester City against Everton had a truce for the knee injury, but he also played in the Manchester derby in April, as well as in the Champions League. In the quarter-finals the second round of Manchester City’s 1-2 Liverpool campaign was the last time he played for Manchester City. In fact, he was seriously injured.

  However, Manchester City coach Guardiola had different opinions. He felt that Aguero had no problem.

  “He can return in time before the World Cup. He recovered well after surgery.”

  It is inspiring that Guai Shuais remarks are made because Argentinas addition to Messis is not without its ability to lose. His lack of presence or limited play will directly affect Argentinas play in the 2018 arena.

  Today, Aguero’s injuries in March, although after surgery, the possibility of sprinting for the 2018 World Cup is still two. I don’t know how big your fans are.


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