Cristiano Ronaldo and the World Cup bid farewell. This is more or less a bit off guarding us. After all that night, fans were still fantasizing about a Melo matchup that could be recorded in the history of the World Cup. Although everyone knew clearly, Argentina was never a 1+1>2 teams, and Portugal’s defense is two years older than when it was on the summit of Europe.


On the night when Portugal was eliminated, how many people ended the World Cup early? How many people may not have a home team in the future World Cup?

But we still look forward to it because the man can always surprise us, just as he did in the frightening performance of the Iberian duo. We don’t know how much energy is in his body, but all of this is ultimately against the passing of time.

Some people say this may be Ronaldo’s World Cup curtain show. Whether or not you can see 37-year-old in Qatar four years later, he is a love that we can’t put down in our hearts. Because every time he accompanied us through the World Cup and the European Cup, it is the most beautiful memories we have in our hearts.


2006, Newborn calf

At that time, he was also called Xiaoluo Luo. At that time, he did not have such a domineering celebration. At that time, he was still a big boy who was immersed in the sidewalking skills. At that time, he still wore handsome players. Stud earrings, not the captain of the Portuguese team captain. Pauleta, Figo, Nuno Gomes, and Deco followed behind these big brothers and he started his first World Cup tour.

The Portuguese team got off to a steady start. Pauleta’s goal helped the team defeat Angola 1-0 and made a good start. Cristiano Ronaldo’s World Cup debut was law-abiding, with no dazzling play, but he was not screwed up. In the 60th minute of the game, Ronaldo, who had a yellow card before, was replaced.


His goal at the World Cup did not allow everyone to wait too long. In the Second World War in Iran, Figo gave away the precious opportunity to kill the game to Ronaldo, who was only 21 years old. It seems that this is a symbolic inheritance in the history of Portuguese football. The sympathy between the two generations of the 7th is moving. C Ronald lived up to the goal and penalized the penalty, after which he and Ferno hugged each other, releasing everything in his heart. At that time, he was not the focus of public opinion. He was not the absolute protagonist under the spotlight. He still had time to enjoy the purest football and enjoy the true happiness of football.

The Portuguese team made a smooth team appearance and waited for them to be the stars of the Netherlands. This is bound to be a game that will be remembered, not because of how wonderful it is, but because of the astounding 16 yellow cards and 4 red cards. In the opening 34 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo could not insist on being replaced by Ximang because of a very bad defensive action by the opposing defender. He cried and shed distressed tears. Maybe at that moment, everyone would worry that his first World Cup trip would come to an abrupt end, but God is not so cruel. A few days later, against England’s quarter-finals, Ronaldo reappeared in the game. He did not want to disappoint himself because football was a love he could not afford from beginning to end.


The matchup with Rooney was one of the biggest controversial points in C Ronaldos career. After Rooney made the foul action, he approached the referee for a red card move and the winked moment that was later captured by the camera, pushing him to the cusp of public opinion. After all, the two of them were destroying the city for Manchester United at the time. Gemini. But the cruelty of football is here. The good brothers in the two clubs can only have one person to continue to pursue their World Cup dreams.


This time, Ronaldo was still the winner. He penalized the last penalty kick in the penalty shoot-out and ended all suspense. There are more goals in his heart to achieve.

In the semifinal of the World Cup, only one step away from the highest stage, no one wanted to give up. However, it still belongs to the era of Zidane. Ronaldo does not have the ability to resist the ceremony with this master. Qi Zus penalty kick helped the French team defeat Portugal and reach the final. This time Ronaldo cried again and tears were disappointed and unwilling.


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