Three-Five Sports News Beijing time on May 31, when Brazil is still taking Croatia as a target for training the wounded, Argentina has fully armed the Shanghai team. What is particularly surprising is that Messi also unexpectedly discovered a new god assists in this game. Messi also highly appreciated him.



Argentina vs. Haiti This game, Sam Poul is not used as a training to fight, obviously he is going to win morale. In the starting lineup, he sent a lineup that was dominated by the core players of the World Cup, including Messi, Higuain, Mascherano, Otamamenti, and Di Maria.

In the event, the performance of hat tricks + assists by the King of Plums is also a regular operation, and Maung-mao also showed his own toughness after returning to the familiar position of the midfielder. Whether it is sweeping ability or playing ability is the world. Top level. Other players like Lancini, Salvio, Loselzo and others also performed well in this game.

Even more surprising is that after the 59th minute with Aguero and a little-known teenager Pavin replaced Iguain and Di Maria, the Argentine attack was even more sharp and effective.

Especially in the 66th minute, teenager Pavin got off the ball on the left side of the penalty area and got rid of the three defensive players in a gorgeous footwork. After showing off a wave of embarrassment to the fans, he sent the ball back to the waiting triangle and waited. Messi for a long time, the latter easy to break!

Piven’s passing and passing of the ball was praised by Messi. After the match, the king of the United States also highly praised the new boy of the national team. He said: I have found a new partner of the national team. His name is Pavan. He is very fast and has unique technical features. He can find a gap in the area between the center guard and the fullback, providing different things.


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