By virtue of his excellent performance in the second match against Argentina and the production of penalty kicks, France’s 19-year-old striker Mbappé has become one of the most surprising players in the World Cup so far. British media “Daily Mail” made a brief comment on Mbappe’s style and character in his play.



After France defeated Argentina 4-3 and reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup, Kiljan Mbabey became the spotlight under the spotlight and won a new nickname in the French team: 37.

The French players called Mbappé “37” because the television image showed that when Mbappe accelerated through Mascherano and Rojo, the maximum speed reached 37 km/h (approximately 23 miles per hour). ). Mbappi’s breakthrough also won the first open penalty opportunity for France.

Although according to FIFA’s official statistics, the speed at which Mbage was running was actually 32.4 km/h, this nickname was not too far off the mark. In the past, teammate Anthony Gretzmann preferred to call Mbabe “Kiki”, but Mbappi proved that he was no longer the team’s little brother.

On Sunday, many French media consulted sprint experts and wanted to know how to run like Mbappe when a player carried the ball. Stephane Caristan, a former French hurdler who won the European 110m hurdles championship, believes that Mbappe’s pelvic position is a key factor.

However, his teammates were not surprised at Mbappe’s wonderful performance in the game against Argentina, including calmness in 4 minutes and a half. When asked if Mbappe’s acceleration of breaking through the Argentine defender would surprise him, the French captain Lori laughed.

“No, I’m not surprised.” Lori said. “I can see it every day. Speed ​​is his natural advantage. As long as he gets space, he can kill the team.”

Eight years ago, Chelsea had the opportunity to sign Mbappe. Mbape, then only 11 years old, played in the hometown club Bondy, where Cameroonian fathers were involved, and was invited by Chelsea to participate in a week-long trial. Unfortunately, Mbappi failed to score in Chelsea’s victory over Charlton, who later joined Monaco at the age of 14.

Last summer, Monaco won the first French League championship in 17 years. Mbape scored 26 goals on all fronts and was one of the heroes who won the title of Monaco. Paris Saint-Germain has signed Mbappe on loan and has the option to purchase Mbappi for £143 million. This is a way for Paris Saint-Germain to try to avoid a violation of UEFA’s fiscal fairness policy, because the club had spent £198 million to sign Neymar before lending Mbappe.

The veterans of the French team tried to cool down the Mbappe wave. “He has to come step by step, like all the young players.” Lori said. “At Tottenham Hotspur, when talking about young players like Harry Kane and Drew-Ali, I will also be asked The same problem.” But Lori also believes that in time, Mbappe may be able to become Mr. Golden Ball like Leo Messi.

This Friday afternoon, the French team will face Uruguay in Nizhniy Novgorod. Compared with Argentina, Uruguay will surely bring greater challenges to France. Mbappe’s ability to fully exert his dribbling and ultimate ability will affect the game situation to a large extent. Many players had shined when they were young, but unfortunately they could not continue for a long time.

Mbappe is not the same as other young players. He is both mature and has an idea. Obviously he is interested in the history of his father’s country of birth (Cameroon) and the potential of football to improve the lives of local people. In February this year, Mbape accepted the invitation of French President Mark Long to discuss the topic of African sports development at the Elysée Palace.

“After the game, he was very quiet and calm.” Last Sunday, his teammate Tomma commented, “There was no change in his behavior.”

But now fans all over the world are looking forward to Mbape’s next performance. In World Cup history, Mbappe was the second youngest player to score at least two goals in a single elimination, second only to Bailey. Bailey staged a hat-trick in Brazil’s World Cup semi-final against France in 1958. He also congratulated Mbappe.

Brazil and France are likely to meet in this World Cup semi-final, and Mbappe seems to be ready to seize the opportunity to prove that he is a world-class player. “Of course I really enjoyed it (World Cup),” Mbape said on Saturday. “It gives you a chance to prove what you can do and prove your ability. There is no better stage than the World Cup.”

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