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March 12th Papastatopoulos has excellent defensive skills, at least in the World Cup can be locked in Messi certainly not a poor hand, and this has deeply attracted the Red Devils, According to the “Mirror” reports: Manchester United is watching Dortmund’s long-standing 29-year-old Greek defender Sokratis-Papastersophos.


Papastatopoulos has excellent defensive skills and has been selected for the Greek national team several times. Currently, he is worth around £20M. Papasterasopoulos once faced face-to-face with Lionel Messi on the stage of the World Cup and his performance was remarkable.


Sokratis Papastathopoulos (June 9, 1988) was born in Kalamata, Greece. He is a Greek football player, a central defender and is currently playing for Dortmund Bundesliga. Sokratis Papastersopoulos has played for Over Heat Naia Football Club and Athens AEK Football Club.


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