On the 9th of May, Beijing time, in the 36th Premier League Premier League, Choegmez who played for Stoke City injured Liverpool’s unfortunate ankle injury. Afterwards, Liverpool had even more misfortunes. Chogomets had to undergo surgery on his ankle. The direct result was that he himself would miss the World Cup in Russia .



How many people run around for a World Cup place, think that Neymar did not hesitate to leave the team to go to Paris, but now it is also injured. Participation in the World Cup became a suspense. There is even a direct change of nationality, only to enable him to enter the Russian World Cup national team camp.

It can be seen that Chogomez was able to qualify for the World Cup in Russia. However, unfortunately, he was wounded in Liverpool’s trip to Stoke City, and he took a trip to the entire Russian World Cup. It is reported that the team’s 20-year-old England post-guard teenager Joe Gomez will undergo ankle surgery and will miss the remaining two games of the season, and will regret the World Cup this summer.

Metz also thanked everyone for their support on the individual ins and blessed the team :

The ankle surgery was very successful. I’m sorry I have decided to bid farewell to the game between the club and the national team this season. The past few weeks have been very difficult. I have tried everything and I want to return to the court to help the team. I will do my best to recover and return to the best condition during pre-season training. The most important thing now is to support the team and play the most important two games of the season!

Thank everyone for supporting me this season.

Whether you are his fan or not, seeing such a brave warrior deserves respect and blessing.


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