WELLSPORTS  News July 10th, the 20th Russia World Cup semi-finals was born,


and finally France, Belgium, England and Croatia became the semi-finals of the World Cup, they will compete for the final tickets at 2 am on the 11th and 12th. In the final quarter-finals, Croatia eliminated the host Russia by 6-5 in overtime + penalty shootout. However, Croatia was fined by a bottle of beverages with a fine of 470,000.


In the WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018 quarter-finals of the World Cup that ended in the early morning of July 8th, Beijing time, the Croatian Legion of Croatia defeated the host Russian team in the penalty shootout, and once again entered the World Cup semi-finals after 20 years. When the Croatian team was rejoicing, they received a FIFA ticket of 70,000 Swiss francs for a bottle of drink.

The reason for the fine is also wonderful. It was originally in the 1/8 final match with Denmark that Croatian main defender Lovren had a Red Bull drink during the match. Since the official sponsored energy drink of this World Cup is Coca-Cola, and Red Bull is deeply loved by athletes, FIFA stipulates that players are not allowed to bring any Red Bull drinks into the World Cup. But even then, it can’t stop the choice of the far-moving people. But in the end, because of the damage to the sponsor’s rights, the bottle also caused the Croatian Football Association to be fined 70,000 Swiss francs (about 470,000 yuan).Lovren ate a drink of 70,000 Swiss francs in a single drink, making it the most expensive drink in history. The netizen also said: “You can’t change a bottle? This is 470,000.”


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