News from June 3 to 5, the 2018 World Cup in Russia will begin tomorrow morning, and this time in Russia, the Icelandic ambition to rewrite the myth of dark horses almost duplicated the original team of the 2016 European Cup. In addition to the number one star on the list of 23 players announced in Iceland, currently playing for West Ürdzsson in Everton, 33-year-old Harfredsson of Serie A Udinese, and playing in the five major leagues For many years, the powerful center, such as Finbogasong, will be selected. In addition, there is also a star of hope like Eindhoven’s 20-year-old striker Gudmundsson. They will face the Argentina team led by Messi on the 16th. At the time, the 35th sports will be broadcast live throughout the game.




2018 World Cup Iceland 23

Forwards: 11-Syracuse (Rostov), ​​30-A-Goodmundsson (PSV), 11-Fibosson (Augsburg), 15-Beauvesson (Ray Ding)

Midfielder: 7-J Goodmondsson (Burnley), 21-Telausathon (Malmö), 17-Gonnarson (Cardiff City), 16-O-Skolasson (Calabek Sports), 10-West Urzson (Everton), 20-Halfredson (Udinese), 8-Bialnason (Aston Villa), 19-Gieslawson (Sandhausen)

Defenders: 23-Skolasson (Lockerton), 4- Magnusson (Bristol City), 27-Eljofussson (Sophiarevsky), 14-Annason (Aberdeen) ), 5-Ingazon (Rostov), ​​6-Ragnar-West Urzsson (Rostov), ​​28-Frio Ronsson (Vallenunga), 2-Sevasson ( Varul

Goalkeepers: 1-Hardosson (Landers), 25-Schramm (Roskilde), 24-Lunarson (Northern Zealand)

Iceland, which aims to rewrite the dark horse myth, almost duplicated the original team of the 2016 European Cup. In terms of tactical play, they will not be surprised if they have tasted a lot of sweetness from the defensive counterattacks. They will continue to adopt 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 as a defensive-oriented formation. As long as the defense players are making concerted efforts to maintain their position, West Urzisson and Finbogasson will be able to use their own characteristics to bring great threats once they get the opportunity to position and counterattack in the frontcourt.

In the middle and backcourt, veteran players such as West Urzzon, Sebasson and Halfredsson all had quite a lot of experience. The tacit cooperation between them also laid a solid foundation for the team’s smooth play in recent years. Reliable foundation. On the other hand, the structure of the personnel tends to be “aged” and the fans can’t help but worry. In the face of such superstars as Messi and “African eagle” Nigeria, will they be able to protect the city?

The former West Ördzisson played for a number of English Premier League teams, such as Tottenham and Swansea. Last summer, he switched to veteran Everton. But being troubled by injuries, whether this Icelandic top card can be restored to its best status has also become one of the topics that many fans are concerned about. On the forward line, the powerful center Finbogasson, who has played in overseas for several years, is the team’s most powerful goal guarantee. His grab points and dribbling ability should not be underestimated.

Siurzisson reproduces the Icelandic Ottomans

In addition, when it comes to the national team of Iceland, West Urzisson, nicknamed “Iceland’s amnesty”, will be the first person to think of the fans. Whenever the team gets the frontcourt, West Urzisson, who comes with an eight-fold sight, must not miss this golden opportunity. In the English Premier League, his long-range world wave has plunged countless wealthy horses under the horse. This time, he can continue to write magic again?

  Iceland World Cup Live Schedule

In this World Cup, Iceland is divided into Group D with Argentina, Croatia and Nigeria. Their first battle will be against Argentina on the 16th, followed by Nigeria on the 22nd and Croatia on the 27th.


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