On May 31, Beijing time, France gave up on Benzema, which made many fans, especially the majority of fans in China, feel incredible. The president of the French Football Association recently spoke his opinion on this issue.




France 23 big list:

Goalkeepers: No. 1 Lori, No. 16 Mandanda, No. 23 Areola

Guards: Pava 2nd, 3rd Jin Pembe, 4 Varanai, 5 Umformi, 17 Lami, 19 Sidibe, 21 Lucas Hernandez, 22 Mendi

Midfielder: No. 6 Pogba, No. 8 Lemar, No. 12 Toliso, No. 13 Cante, No. 14 Mathudy, No. 15 Enzzi

Forward: No. 7 Greitzmann, No. 9 Geelu, No. 10 Mbappe, No. 11 Dembele, No. 18 Fekir, No. 20 Tovan


From the list of lineup above, it can be seen that there is no Benzema name. Many people did not understand that Zema scored a goal in the UEFA Champions League final to help Real Madrid win the championship, but he was also defeated by the French World Cup 23ers.

“Everyone knows that he is a good player. He continues to perform well in Real Madrid. You can’t deny that in the Champions League final Real Madrid against Liverpool, he performed very well.”

However, after the French Football Federation’s Chairman Le Glatt apparently revealed his teammate Valbiena’s “blackmail door” incident, Benzema has been away from the national team.

“But this is an old problem. The French team now has its own style. We can’t look back.”

In addition, the current French style and needs have been different. For the team to be in harmony, Leglati does not fit into the national team.


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