35th May 4th, Beijing time, the 2018 World Cup 32 strong lineup in these two days will be gradually released, and this morning, the Korean Football Association officially announced the 2018 World Cup South Korea 28-man list, Spurs popular star Sun Xingzhao led the starring Right King Jingyuan and Jin Yingquan assisted the team. The real 2018 World Cup South Korea 23-man lineup was only able to get a glimpse of June 3.



The following is a list of South Korea’s 28 people:



Kim Seung-kyu

(Kobe Victory Boat), Kim Jung-su (Osaka Sakura), Cho Young-woo (Daegu FC)



Jin Yingquan (Guangzhou Hengda), Zhang Xianxiu (FC Tokyo), Zheng Shengxuan (Tiaoji Sandstone), Yin Rongshan (Chengnan FC), Quan Jingyuan (Tianjin Quanjian), Wu Suixi (Jezhou United), and Jin Zhenxi ( Jeonbuk Hyundai), Kim Yong-woo (Shang-Chuan Shangwu), Pu Zhu-Yu (Ulsan Hyundai), Hong Ye (Shang-Chuan Martial Arts), Gao John (FC Seoul), Li Min (Quan-Hyundai)



Qi Chengyong (Swansea), Zheng Yourong (Kobe Victory Boat), Quan Yixun (Dijon), Zhu Shizhong (Seoul FC), Zi Zhe (Augsburg), Li Zaicheng (Quanbei Modern), Li Shengyou (Verona), Wen Xuanmin (Incheon United), Li Qinglong (Crystal Palace) 



Kim Shin-hyun (Quan-Hyundai), Sun Xing-Yi (Tottenham), Huang Xi-Chan (Salzburg), Li Gen-Yi (Ewhara FC)


 On September 5, 2017, South Korea’s national men’s soccer team ranked second in Group A in the top 12 Asian Championships and won the 2018 World Cup in Russia. It was the 10th competition. On December 1, 2017,

the World Cup in Russia in 2018 was released. South Korea and Germany, Mexico, and Sweden are in Group F together.

   The South Korean team participated in nine World Cup finals, of which none have been absent since 1986. The best result was to score the semifinals with the advantages of the hosts at the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, creating the best record for Asian teams.


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