The May 2018 World Cup that will be opened on June 14th is the grand celebration of football for the public. The Russian embassy recently raised several issues that fans wishing to visit Russia to watch.




The 2018 World Cup will inevitably be another exciting stage of football. In order to create a safe and peaceful atmosphere during this period, Russia not only invested a lot of facilities and equipment to provide entertainment for fans, but also increased the strength of various security work. As a result, Chinese fans visiting Russia to watch the game can always pay attention to the following items: 

1. Those who hold their valid passport and the original “Fan ID” (FAN ID) may be exempted from the time between 00:00 on June 4, 2018 and 23:59 on July 15, 2018 (local time). Signed and entered, but nothing or a little stroll.

In addition, the electronic FAN ID can only be entered once. It is advisable to collect the original FAN ID before entering the country.

Second, Russia has not implemented the 72-hour visa-free system. The airport can not apply for visas. In addition to the Chinese-Russian government’s agreement to waive visa-entry personnel, only fans who have purchased tickets but have not applied for FAN ID come to Russia during the World Cup. Tourists visiting China must apply for visas in accordance with prescribed procedures in advance.

Third, Chinese citizens who hold an electronic visa at Vladivostok Freeport may enter the administrative area (state, border area, and autonomous region) where the port of entry is located, and they cannot cross the district. That is, Chinese citizens holding the e-visa cannot travel to Irkutsk, Moscow, and St. Petersburg.

During the World Cup, in order to avoid unnecessary review disputes, such as travel documents, Russian invitation letters, return air tickets, hotel orders, itinerary and other materials are to be ready at all times, otherwise they accidentally have a surprise inspection, although There should be no problem. But that mood may be very different.


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