On May 22, Beijing time, Spain is now entering a large number of talented people. The coach will worry about the age of happiness for whom he does not know who to choose. Russia’s World Cup Spain’s 23-man squad has already been played, and the 11-man squad that was defeated may be compared. Goalkeepers: Degea (United Premier League Manchester United), Kepa (League Bilbao), Reina (Serie A Naples)



Defenders: Carvajal (Liga Real Madrid), Adrioso Solari (Liga Real), Pique (La Liga Real), Ramos (Liga Real Madrid), Nacho (Liga Real Madrid), Azpilicita (Premier Chelsea), Alba (Littoral Barcelona), Monreal (Arsenal Premier League)

Midfielder: Busquets (Littoral Barcelona), Saul (Latticera La Liga), Iniesta (Lagaa Barcelona), Tiago (Bundesliga Bayern), Cork (Litted La Liga), Isco (Littoral) Real Madrid), David Silva (Premier Manchester City)

Forwards: Assencio (Liga Real Madrid), Vazquez (Liga Real Madrid), Diego Costa (Littoral La Liga), Rodrigo (Lajassa La Liga), Aspas (Serrata Sata)

Spain’s 11-man lineup :

Goalkeeper: Assenjo (Villarreal)

Defenders: Bellelin (Arsenal), Baltra (Betis), Inigo Martinez (Bilbao), M-Alonso (Chelsea)

Midfielder: Roberto (Barça), Ilya Ramondi (Real Sociedad), Fabregas (Chelsea)

Forwards: Callejón (Naples), Morata (Chelsea), Bitolo (Akéma)

Such a two-way Spain and Russia World Cup lineup, what do you think of the officials? Which Spanish star do you like?


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