On May 8, Beijing time, Uruguay star Suarez, who has also reached the end of his career, said in an interview recently that he does not believe this belongs to his last World Cup . He feels he can still play. World Cup events.



To this day, Barcelona striker Suarez has already passed the age of 31. Messi and Ronaldo are also very embarrassed. But they seem to agree with the fact that they won the World Cup and made no regrets in their professional career. However, Su Shen did not agree with him. He felt he could still play the next World Cup.

  Barcelona forward, Uruguay striker Suarez, was recently interviewed by a local radio station in Uruguay. He said in an interview that although he is 31 years old, this is not his last World Cup.


  “Although I was 31 years old in January this year, I don’t think this is my last World Cup. Obviously I also enjoy the moment.”

With “humility, hard work, unity, and the team together to work hard in the World Cup.” Until the completion of that dream, Sue has its own obsession.

      When asked about Uruguay’s lineup for the World Cup, he said: “I don’t want to be the deciding factor because it’s complicated for me.” But once, because he bited in the World Cup, Suspension of the match, the team lost a major force and then quickly collapsed and lost the game, which seems to be an indelible fact.

   Of course, this also indirectly reflects the important position of Su God in Uruguay, and it is also an expression of personal strength.

  I hope he can achieve better results in the World Cup in Russia


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