April 11: Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay are preparing to host the 2030 World Cup and have already received public support from the famous Argentine star Messi. According to the Sky Sports News,

the Argentine Football Association officials recently met with the national team captain Messi during a recent trip to Spain. Messi expressed support for the South American three countries to jointly organize the 2030 World Cup and they may also promote it.



It is reported that Uruguay hosted the first World Cup in 1930. For a long time, they have always hoped to seek cooperation with Argentina to do it again. Later Paraguay also joined their camp.


The Argentine Football Association stated that Argentina will provide eight cities, two cities in Uruguay and Paraguay, but the names of these 12 cities have not yet been announced. The bid period for the 2030 World Cup will not begin until four years later, but the leaders of the Football Association of all three countries have indicated that they want to bid for it. It is expected that the three countries of South America will face fierce competition. By then, the World Cup may have expanded to 48 teams.


Argentine football officials met with the national team captain Messi during a recent trip to Spain. “We have found Messi to be willing to help us publicize the possibility of jointly hosting the World Cup in South America,” said Argentine sports minister Carlos McAleste. “For us, it is very important to feel that we have the support of the players and completely out of any political implications.”

Messi and Uruguay forward Suarez have publicly expressed support for this plan.


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