Three-Five Sports News Beijing time May 28th, in Liverpool vs Real Madrid’s Champions League final, how many Liverpool fans waited for Salah to re-super-god and win the Champions League for the team. However, it is very unfortunate that he hasn’t scored goals yet, and he is still injured on the shoulder.



In the Champions League final in the early hours of yesterday morning, Salah fell to the ground after a scraping contact with Ramos, causing a shoulder injury. After the game, Salah left his left arm to leave the court.

When they were injured, they were afraid that they would be injured on the eve of the World Cup. On June 14th, Beijing time, the Russian World Cup opened. It is reported that Egypt will usher in the first match of the World Cup group match on June 15, Beijing time, and the team will compete with Uruguay. It will take a while before the game resumes. Is there really time for Salah? This is what many fans worry about.


Salah announced his injuries through a personal social platform. Salah said that despite time pressure, he felt very confident about participating in the World Cup in Russia.


Salah said: “It was very difficult last night, but I was a fighter. Despite some difficulties, I am confident that I can participate in the World Cup in Russia and be proud of all of you. Your love and support will give me strength. ”

Is this a comfort to the fans, or is it enough confidence?

Salah has lost the Champions League this time and he will never play jokes in the World Cup.

Believe him, as if to believe in his game.


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