Beijing March 21 hearing C Ronaldo is not very handsome, both his skills or appearance, are handsome biang~biang sound, and put on Portugal for the World football championship in Russia after the jersey, the light of his body is almost bright Roadside titanium alloy dog ​​eyes. Do not believe that there are pictures and truth!

The Portugal launched their new Russian jersey. This Soccer Gear jersey was inspired by the 2016 European Cup. Ronaldo and his teammates will wear a new Nike-designed jersey in Russia with golden spots that symbolize the 2016 European Cup.

Gomes, who is a new model with C Ronaldo, is wearing a football away jersey in Portugal. His tall figure and his white shirt make the team’s will appear with his dynamic rainbow in front of his chest.

At present, Ronaldo has not only scored a new round of Big Four, but also won the Portuguese Player of the Year Award. This is a very good situation. He asked him to serve as a new model of the team can actually play a small effect. This World of Cup Fun88 Now

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