March 5th Beijing News May 11th, from the middle of June that World Cup opening ceremony, but only 30 days left, now on the Russian World Cup crown runner-up gambling has been fierce. Whether it will be Brazil, Argentina, Germany or Italy, but not Italy. Anyway, which two teams will win the championship of the World Cup in Russia will be really looking forward to.




Of the 32 World Cups, Germany, Brazil, France, Spain and Argentina are undoubtedly the top five favorites. The traditional strong teams England and Portugal cannot be underestimated. When quizzing the World Cup, it is not only necessary to watch the star lineup, but also to take into account factors such as schedule, morale, and tactical system.

Germany ]

The German team in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil defeated each other 4-0 in the group stage, 1-0 in the knockout round and 7-1 in the semi-final. The finals in the overtime lasted 1-0 against the Argentine team. , the game will be 6 wins and 1 draw to maintain unbeaten into the 18 goals only lost 4 goals 14 points of the huge advantage of winning the fourth World Cup title, it deserved to become the first European team to win the World Cup in the Americas.

2018 World Cup qualifying Germany lineup:

Goalkeepers: Neuer, Leno, Terstgen

Defenders: Plattenhart, Hector, Ginter, Hummels, Rudig, Boateng, Kimihe Midfielder: Khedira, Draxler, Cross, Ozil , Zhan, Greetska, Brillant, Rudy, Sane forward: Wagner, Werner, Mill, Flanders


Although the five-star Brazil suffered a German catastrophe in the last World Cup event, the lineup is not bad and is expected to be reported as a feud.

Brazil’s big list of 23 people predicts:

Goalkeepers: Allison, Casio, Edson

Defenders: Alves, Miranda, Caillo, Felipe, Marcelo, Magkinios, Silva, Danilo Midfielder: Casemiro, Costa, Augusto, Couc Neo, Paulinho, Fernandinho, Giuliano, Williams forward: Jesús, Neymar, Luian, Firmino

Argentina ]

The team with the title of King Messi is just a runner-up in the last World Cup. He may not be able to reach the final again this time.

France and the above three strong teams are in the first gear, and they have the ability to reach the finals. Although Spain is like the top 32 in the top 32, but the momentum in the eyes of the fans now does not fall in Argentina or Portugal, but also not small The existence of 觑.

Russia World Cup Championship runner-up ]

So the answer is roughly the following:

Germany, Argentina; Argentina, Brazil; Brazil, Germany; Germany, Spain; Argentina, Spain; France, Germany; France, Argentina; France, Brazil;

(With no distinction between champions and runner-ups, only the two teams with the above can enter the finals.)


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