Three-Five Sports News Beijing time On May 9, the first battle of the Russian World Cup between Argentina and Iceland started on June 16th, and now the core soul of the team Messi still hasn’t got a rest, because Barcelona seems to be guaranteeing the present Undefeated record of the season. This is contrary to Argentina’s wishes.



Al Jazeera’s Barcelona correspondent Achraf Ben Ayad recently announced that Argentina’s team hopes that Messi will take a rest in the rest of the season so as to have sufficient physical strength to prepare for the World Cup.

“Who will coordinate with Valverde on this matter? The Argentine team hopes that Messi will have a holiday in the rest of the season and will not play anymore so that he can have enough physical strength to prepare for the World Cup.” But Barcelona also has 3 rounds. The game will be kicked. According to Valverde’s press conference, he hinted that the team will work hard to keep the season unbeaten.

This means that the Messi coal boss may not be able to get enough rest time, which is contrary to Argentina’s wishes. Especially now that Messi’s muscle injury on his thighs has not healed, if he can’t get a better rest, he is likely to go to the bench again only a few years ago.

“Daily Sports News” statistics Messi suffered a total of 14 injuries in his career, with 7 left and right legs. The right leg thigh muscle was injured 5 times and the right ankle ligament injured 2 times. The left leg thigh muscle was injured 4 times, the left ankle bone fracture was once, the left knee ligament was injured once, and the left knee was contused once. The right knee, left ankle, and left and right lower legs were never injured. The year when Messi made his most injury after his debut was in 2006, he was injured four times, followed by three injuries in 2013.

The most serious injury took place in Barcelona’s game against Zaragoza on November 12, 2006, when Messi’s fifth metatarsal fractured his left foot and was thus absent for 81 days.

It is hard to imagine what would happen to Argentina in the World Cup in Russia if Messi reverts to a problem.


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