Three-Five Sports News Beijing time May 8, the start of the opening match of the World Cup in Russiabegan a month, Nigeria has everything ready, but Australia has only just released a 32-man big list, it is reported that the list will be carried out again next week It will be a situation afterwards to reduce the number of people who will be left.




The 32-man national team of the Australian team in Russia was released. Now let’s take a look.

  The Australian National Team 32-Man World Cup Finalists:



Brad Jones (Feyenoord), Matthew Ryan (Brighton), Langragh

(Nagoya Orca), Vukovich (Genk)    



Bied (Bursa Sport), Degnek (Yokohama Mariner),

Gersbach (Lens), Ullmann (Suwon Samsung), Kalachic (Zagreb Locomotive),

Meredi Sith (Millwall), Risdon (Western Sydney Rangers),

Sainsbury (Zurich Rafting), Susnyar (Boleslaw),

Bailey Wright (Bristol City)



Brilliant (Sydney FC), Jackson-Owen (Hull City),

Jedinac (Aston Villa), Kruze (Bochum), Longo (Queens Park Rangers),

Miligan (Jeddah Nationals), Muy (Huddersfield), Roggie (Celtics),

Troyes (Melbourne Victory)

    Forwards: Alzani (Melbourne City),

Cahill (Millwall), Gianou (AEK Larnaca),

Urych (Lucerne), Lekki (Hertha of Berlin), McLaren (Hibone) Ann),

Nabott (Urdo Red Diamonds), Petratos (Newcastle Jets), Luca Vecchia (Haifa Maccabi)


   Twenty-six of these 32 primaries were in the national team’s warm-up match in Australia in March of this year. There were also six players who were additionally called in by the manager Van Marwijk.

    “I don’t like people who have been changing. In the 10 days I worked with them before, I had a high impression on the 26 players, so I have no reason not to call them again. But we also Concerned about other players, so the team also called in some new players this time.” This is the coach’s opinion on the candidates.


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