March 5th, Beijing time May 23, Argentina’s original list of 23 people from Romero Romero is the team’s number one goalkeeper, but somehow he actually injured, so the national team can only use the Mexican tiger’s Guzman came to replace him.

Argentina’s latest list of 23 people:



Goalkeepers: Guzman (Mexico Tiger), Caballero (Chelsea), Almani (bed)

      Defenders: Mercado (Sevilla), Ansardi (Turin), Otamendi (Man City), Fazio (Rome), Rojo (Manchester United), Tagliafico ( Ajax), Acuna (Portugal sports)

      Midfielder: Mascherano (Hebei Happiness), Salvio (Benfica), Biglia (AC Milan), Lossol (Paris Saint Germain), Banega (Seville) , Lancini (West Ham United), Mesa (Independence), Di Maria (Paris Saint-Germain), Christian Pavin (Boca Junior)

      Forwards: Messi (Barcelona), Dibala (Juventus), Higuain (Juventus), and Aguero (Man City). Argentina’s defense was relatively weak, and it seemed that the whole team was even further away from winning the championship.

The fans are furious. What’s going on on the spot? Romero can’t stand up to Manchester United’s perennial bench to get out and breathe, ready to flex his muscles at the World Cup, letting the world know that he had only had no chance to prove himself. However, the injury actually broke his reputation. , great opportunity for achievements!

    Do not know how Messi would be an attitude, after all, he is worried about the World Cup, he hopes to successfully win the Titans before the end of his career, as the title of the King of the ball came.


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