WELLSPORTS News July 13th, 2018 Russia World Cup finals continues,


England’s main goalkeeper Pikford expressed his desire to win the Golden Globe Awards in this WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018.

“I hope I can continue to play in Belgium and Belgium,” Pickford said.

“I really want to be the best goalkeeper for this World Cup.”

“We are participating in the World Cup with the goal of winning the championship. Now we can’t do it, but we still want to get the third place.”

“My most memorable memory of this World Cup is the penalty shootout with Colombia.”

“Even now, I can still feel the weight, we won the penalty shootout, we won a knockout.”

“But the most important thing about this World Cup is that all our lads can enjoy every moment and then do their jobs.”

“Before the World Cup, I didn’t think that the outside world had too much expectation for us. Now everyone sees the combat effectiveness of our team. They can see our ability to make progress.”


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