Three-Five Sports News Beijing time on May 10, England in the Russia World Cup 32 strong group stage group G belongs to the same group members Belgium, Panama, Tunisia. These teams will not be too strong. It is undoubtedly an excellent signal to England. It is no wonder that the English team handsome Anai could not but wish to announce the heart of the 23-man England list.




The deadline set by FIFA for the World Cup is June 4th. Before the next Monday, all participating teams need only provide a 35 candidate list. However, England’s coach Sogsgate is preparing to announce the 23-man World Cup lineup ahead of schedule, lest the international teams face enormous pressure because they are not sure whether they can participate in the World Cup.

Southgate’s plan:


The list of 35 candidates announced on Monday — — Wednesday — or Thursday — announced the official list of 23 people who participated in the World Cup in England and the deadline set by FIFA will only be three weeks later. The England coach is doing this without a doubt helping the players of his national team to set goals and make plans accordingly. The devoted one is devoted to his dedication. Without pressure, he will not be embarrassed and will fall into the name of his country’s national team.

Gareth Southgate was born on September 3, 1970 in Waterford, Hertfordshire, England. He was a former English football player and a full-time defender. He is now head coach of the England national team.

In 2006, Southgate taught in Middlesbrough. In 2013, Southgate taught at the U21 national team in England. In 2016, Southgate was appointed as England coach by the FA.


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